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Siemens Hicom 118 User Manual

Optiset e standard
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Hicom 118
optiset E standard
optiset E advance / advance plus
optiset E memory



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Hicom 118

  • Page 1 Hicom 118 optiset E standard optiset E advance / advance plus optiset E memory...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    User Guide Introduction ....................5 Executive / Secretary Features .............. 7 Dial Executive / Dial Secretary ..............7 Answering Calls for Executive/s ............... 8 Exec Ringer Options ................9 Call Forwarding / Divert ................. 10 Standard Features ................. 11 Internal and External Dialling ..............11 Dialling the Switchboard .................
  • Page 4 User Guide - Cont’d Optional Features .................. 22 Programming Keys ................. 22 System Abbreviated Dialling ..............23 Last Number Redial ................23 Night Service ..................24 Volume / Tone Settings ................24 optiset E memory ..................26 Electronic Notebook ................27...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    This guide is designed to assist extension users on a Siemens Hicom 118 Communication System to use all authorised features. Your extension may not be authorised ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ to use all features. The Siemens representative can confirm features that are available to you.
  • Page 6 Yes Key Forward Scroll Key Backward Scroll Key The Siemens optiset E Digital Feature telephones operate via a Menu- controlled User Guidance Display System. The display will automatically offer you a choice of the available options most suited to the task you are about to carry out.
  • Page 7: Executive / Secretary Features

    Dial Executive / Dial Secretary The Dial Exec / Dial Secr keys have multiple functions These keys provide direct access to the Executive or Secretary without using the Transfer option. The LED indicates when the Executive or Secretary is busy on a call. Transfer a Call to the Executive or Secretary.
  • Page 8: Answering Calls For Executive/S

    Answering Calls for Executive/s When the Secretary is FREE, calls for the Executive/s will ring on the Secretary’s extension. Answer Call for Executive/s when FREE CALL from: external ans. incoming call? - Exec LED will flash on Secretary extension - lift handset or press Speaker key Transfer the call - press Dial Executive key - announce the call...
  • Page 9: Exec Ringer Options

    Exec Ringer Options Incoming calls for the Executive may be routed in several ways for answering:- 1 Ring on Secretary’s extension 2 Ring on Executive’s extension 3 Ring on both extensions 4 Ring on any other selected extension Ring on Secretary’s extension - press Exec Ringer key on Secretary extension - Exec Ringer LED is on Incoming calls for the Executive will ring on the Secretary’s extension and...
  • Page 10: Call Forwarding / Divert

    Call Forwarding / Divert This feature allows for 3 types of forwarding, or diversion, of your calls to an extension of your choice. If the Secretary is diverting calls to a destination which is different from the Executive’s destination then the Exec Ringer key must not be pressed. Programme Call Forwarding / Divert - press Divert key diversion type:...
  • Page 11: Standard Features

    Internal and External Dialling Handset Operation - lift handset, listen for internal dial tone - dial the required extension number or external number preceded by line access code (code is normally 0) Handsfree Operation - do not lift handset - dial the required extension number or external number preceded by line access code (code is normally 0) Your telephone may have restricted dialling facilities, e.g.
  • Page 12: Call Transfer

    Call Transfer You may transfer an internal or external call from your extension to any other extension or to the switchboard. Transfer to a Free Extension (Announcing the Call) key to confirm enquiry option - press - dial required extension - announce the call and replace handset Transfer to a Free Extension (Call not Announced) key to confirm enquiry option...
  • Page 13 Call Transfer - Cont’d If the extension remains busy or unanswered the call will automatically be transferred back to your extension. recalling from: 23 ans incoming call? - lift handset...
  • Page 14: Enquiry Call

    Enquiry Call This feature allows you to hold an existing call, dial another extension or an external number, conduct a conversation without the original caller overhearing, and then return to the original caller. This call can also be converted to a 3 Way conference. Activate Enquiry Call key to confirm enquiry option - press...
  • Page 15: Way Conference

    3 Way Conference You are engaged on a call and wish to include a third party. The third party may be either external or internal. Activate Conference - you are engaged on a call - scroll to set up Conference option - press please dial return to held call...
  • Page 16: Call Pickup

    Call Pickup The Call Pickup feature allows you to answer any ringing extension in your pickup group from your telephone. Activate Call Pickup An extension within your pickup group is ringing - Call Pickup LED flashes - a ping ring will also alert you to an incoming call CALL for: 23 group pickup? - lift handset, listen for internal dial tone...
  • Page 17: Transfer A Second Caller

    Transfer a Second Caller Answer Second Call If you are busy on a call when the Call Pickup LED flashes and you wish to answer the waiting call. - ask existing caller to hold - press Call Pickup key - first call is placed on hold - second call is now on the line external return to held call?
  • Page 18: Call Park

    Call Park This feature allows you to Park an external or internal call on your extension to be retrieved at any extension or from the switchboard. There are 10 Park positions (0-9 on keypad). Park a Call - press Park key plus location number (0-9) - replace handset - call is now parked Retrieve a Parked Call before Recall...
  • Page 19: Call Back

    Call Back Call Back requests can be left on extensions which have been rung and not answered or are busy. Activate Call Back Busy - called extension is busy - press key to confirm Call Back? option CALL BACK set - replace handset or press Release key The system will automatically call you back when both your extension and the called extension are free.
  • Page 20: Call Diversion Features

    Call Forwarding / Divert This feature allows for 3 types of forwarding, or diversion, of your calls to an extension of your choice. Programme Call Forwarding / Divert - press Divert key diversion type: 1=all calls? - scroll to required type of forwarding (1,2 or 3) - press key to confirm - enter required extension number...
  • Page 21: Pin Features

    Electronic Telephone Lock This feature allows you to lock your extension by dialling your code, which prevents unauthorised use of your extension. The initial or default code is 00000. Set your Lock Code - dial ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ 93 - dial default Lock Code (00000) - dial new Lock Code (5 digits) - dial new Lock Code again...
  • Page 22: Optional Features

    Programming Keys Spare keys on the optiset E telephone and on the add-on Key Module are available for programming of direct dialling numbers, internal or external. Hicom Function keys These keys are programmable by yourself for any required Hicom features. Programme Function keys - dial ∗...
  • Page 23: System Abbreviated Dialling

    - wait whilst the system dials the number The system will dial the required external number, the time taken will vary according to the type of main exchange to which your Hicom 118 is connected. Last Number Redial This feature allows you to redial the last external number dialled from your extension.
  • Page 24: Night Service

    Night Service When the Night Bell rings - dial ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ 423 - you are now connected to the caller Check with System Administrator if any other type of Night Service is operational. Volume / Tone Settings The Plus and Minus keys allow for the individual setting of the levels of speech, ringing and ring tones.
  • Page 26: Optiset E Memory

    optiset E memory...
  • Page 27: Electronic Notebook

    Electronic Notebook Programme External Numbers and Names - press MENU key - press - enter required name - press - enter required number (preceded by 0 for external no.) - press - enter additional information (i.e. company name or cell number) - press (up to 5 rows can be used for other information) - press END key to exit Electronic Notebook functions...
  • Page 28 Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd. Private Bag X71 Halfway House 1685...