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optiset E Standard
The FCN and LINE labels represent the key sequence on the
Wireless Telephone mapped to the corresponding key on
the optiset E.
Pressing LINE followed by a digit (1-4) on the Wireless
Telephone is equivalent to pressing one of the
programmable line keys on the optiset E Basic.
Pressing FCN followed by a digit (2-8) on the Wireless
Telephone is equivalent to pressing one of the feature keys
on the optiset E Standard desk set. FCN followed by 9
allows you to exit the Wireless Telephone function menu.
The MSG icon lights on the Wireless Telephone when there
is voice mail.
Toggle between the two display views in order to see all 24
possible characters per line sent by the Hicom CS by
pressing LINE + #► and LINE + *◄. Use the arrow icons on
the display to determine which key to press.
Function Key
FCN + 1
FCN + 2
(Voice Mail)
FCN + 3
FCN + 4
FCN + 5
FCN + 6
FCN + 7
FCN + 8
FCN + 9
(Exit menus)
FCN + 0
FCN + *
FCN + #
Fill In Your
Feature Settings
Hicom is a trademark of Siemens
Wireless Telephone Quick Reference Guide
SpectraLink 6020 Wireless Telephone
Press and hold END. Two
chirps on, one chirp off
Press START to get dial tone.
Make a call
Press END. Be sure to do this
Hang up
at the end of each call.
Press START. Line indicator
Answer call
comes on steady when the call
is answered.
Press HOLD to put your current
call on hold, or END to hang up.
second call
Press LINE + the digit that is
Press HOLD
Press LINE followed by the digit
Take off Hold
for the line on hold, which will be
Press the MUTE softkey.
Mute On/Off
Pressing FCN while off hook
allows you to scroll through
menu screens.
Press the CFG softkey while on
User Options
hook to change handset
For information on Battery Pack charging
and setting user preferences, see the
Wireless Telephone User Guide.
For technical support, please contact
your facility's Network Administrator.
Siemens Hicom 300
optiset E Standard


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