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HP A1353A User Manual Page 106

Ups management module.
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Alarm text
Manual Load Dumped
On Battery
On Boost
On Buck
Output Out of Range
Remote Agent Not
Shutdown Imminent
Shutdown Pending
Site Wiring Fault
Temperature Out of
UPS Not Connected
UPS Started On Battery
The load power is off. This alarm is used to record the date and time of an
EPO event.
The UPS is using the battery to power the load.
The UPS detected a low input condition and is increasing input voltage to a
nominal level.
The UPS detected a high input condition and is reducing input voltage to a
nominal level.
Measured output voltage has exceeded the upper voltage limit
specification for normal operation.
Measured output voltage is less than the lower voltage limit specification
for normal operation.
Measured output frequency is outside the upper or lower frequency limit
specification for normal operation.
Overload alarms are sent based on the individual UPS model overload
protection specifications that are available in the UPS documentation.
The load on the UPS output phase exceeds its rated current or power by
more than a small margin over 100%. The inverter can only sustain this
overload for a short time without shutting down because of overheating.
A Remote Agent is not communicating with the management module to
which it is associated.
The UPS has entered a state where it might abruptly shut down without
further notice. It might continue to operate indefinitely, even with this alarm
being issued.
A condition in the UPS will lead to the loss of power to the loads in less than
the Low Battery Time, unless the condition is cleared or removed.
There is a fault in the input wiring, other than Phase Rotation (for example,
Ground/Neutral reversed).
An ambient temperature probe has detected that the temperature is
above its upper limit.
A heatsink at an unspecified location in the UPS has failed.
An input or output transformer used by the UPS has exceeded its upper
temperature limit.
The management module is unable to communicate with the UPS.
The UPS has been started on battery when AC input power is not present.
This alarm is used to record the date and time of this event.
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