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HP A1353A User Manual: Advanced Power Fail Settings

Ups management module.
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minutes after power fails that the management module should wait before starting to shut down
the load segment. Enter a shorter delay for load segments that power less critical equipment to
preserve UPS battery power for other load segments. The total time needed to gracefully shut
down the load segment is equal to the shutdown delay plus the number of minutes required to
shut down the operating system.
Maximize Runtime—Select the radio button in the Run Until Battery Depletion column to
maximize UPS runtime. The management module initiates load segment shutdown at the time the
UPS shuts down.
remaining runtime cannot be accurately predicted after a low battery warning is issued.
Advanced—Select the radio button in the Advanced column to configure advanced shutdown
settings. See "Advanced power fail settings (on page 72)" for more information.
Enter the amount of time to wait before restarting the attached device in the Restart Settings column.
This option allows utility power to stabilize and disks in shared storage configurations to spin up
before the server restarts.
Do one of the following:
Click Save Settings to save the information.
Click Refresh Page to cancel changes and restore the page settings to the last saved
Click Help to view online help.

Advanced power fail settings

Click the Advanced tab on the Power Fail screen to display the advanced settings.
Select one of the three radio buttons in the Shutdown Settings field, and then enter the shutdown
delay, if applicable.
Deselect the Low Battery checkbox, or select the Low Battery checkbox and enter a shutdown delay.
The following matrix describes the possible combinations.
Selecting this option might result in an ungraceful shutdown. The amount of
Low Battery—Selected
Low Battery—Deselected
HP UPS Management Module web interface 72


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