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On/Off Switch; Program Status Indicator; Using Your Bread Maker; How To Measure Ingredients - Kenwood BM250 Instructions Manual

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Quick manual - 20 pages
Recipe book - 56 pages
Manual - 112 pages


Table of Contents
how to measure ingredients (refer to
illustrations 3 to 7)
It is extremely important to use the exact measure of
ingredients for best results.
Always measure liquid ingredients in the see-through
measuring cup with graduated markings provided.
Liquid should just reach marking on cup at eye level,
not above or below (see 3).
Always use liquids at room temperature, 20ºC/68ºF,
unless making bread using the rapid 1 hour cycle.
Follow the instructions given in the recipe section.
Always use the measuring spoon provided to measure
smaller quantities of dry and liquid ingredients. Use the
slider to select between the following measure -
1 tsp,
tbsp or 1 tbsp. Fill to the top and level off the
spoon (see 6 & 7).

on/off switch

Your Kenwood breadmaker is fitted with an ON/OFF
switch and will not operate until the "on" switch is
Plug in and press the ON/OFF switch
back of the breadmaker - the unit will beep and 3:25
will appear in the display window.
Always switch off and unplug your breadmaker after

program status indicator

The program status indicator is situated in the display
window and the indicator arrow will point to the stage
of the cycle the breadmaker has reached as follows: -
– The pre-heat feature only operates at the
start of the wholewheat setting (30 minutes wholemeal
and 5 minutes wholemeal rapid) to warm the
ingredients before the first kneading stage begins.
There is no kneader action during this period.
– The dough is either in the first or 2nd
kneading stage or being knocked back between the
rising cycles. During the last 10minutes of the 2nd
Kneading cycle on setting (1), (3), (4) an alert will sound
to tell you to add any additional ingredients manually.
– dough is being rested between the
kneading cycles.
– the dough is in either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd
rising cycle.
Keep Warm
into the Keep warm mode at the end of the baking
cycle. It will stay on the keep warm mode for up to
1hour or until the machine is turned off, which ever is
soonest. Please note: the heating element will
switch on and off and will glow intermittently
during the keep warm cycle.

using your Bread Maker

(refer to illustration panel)
Lift out the bread pan by the handle.
Fit the kneader.
Pour the water into the bread pan.
Add the rest of the ingredients to the pan in the order
listed in the recipes.
Ensure that all the ingredients are weighed accurately
as incorrect measures will produce poor results.
Insert the bread pan into the oven chamber and push
down to ensure it is locked in position.
situated at the
Lower the handle and close the lid.
10 Plug in and switch on - the unit will beep and default
to setting 1 (3:25).
11 Press the MENU button
is selected. The breadmaker will default to 1Kg &
medium crust colour. Note: If using the "RAPID
start automatically.
12 Select the loaf size by pressing the LOAF SIZE button
13 Select the crust colour by pressing the CRUST button
colour (light, medium or dark).
14 Press the START button
program press the START/STOP button for 2 – 3
15 At the end of the baking cycle unplug the breadmaker
16 Lift out the bread pan by the handle. Always use
oven gloves as the pan handle will be hot.
17 Then turn out onto a wire rack to cool.
18 Leave the bread to cool for at least 30 minutes before
slicing, to allow the steam to escape. The bread will
be difficult to slice if hot.
19 Clean the bread pan and kneader immediately after
use (see care and cleaning).
– The loaf is in the final baking cycle.
– The bread maker automatically goes
– end of program.
, just press the button and the program will
until the indicator moves to the required loaf size.
until the indicator moves to the required crust
until the required program
. To stop or cancel the

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Table of Contents

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