Kenwood BM230 Instruction Manual

Kenwood BM230 Instruction Manual

Kenwood bm230 breadmaker instruction manual




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  • Page 1 BM230...
  • Page 2 700g 900g br bs...
  • Page 4 700g 900g...
  • Page 5 Only use the appliance for its intended domestic use. remove the hot bread pan. Kenwood will not accept any liability if the appliance is To prevent spillages inside the oven chamber, always subject to improper use, or failure to comply with these remove the bread pan from the machine before adding instructions.
  • Page 6: On/Off Switch

    20 Clean the bread pan and kneader immediately after Your Kenwood breadmaker is fitted with an ON/OFF use (see care and cleaning). switch and will not operate until the “on” switch is pressed.
  • Page 7: Delay Timer

    power interruption protection delay timer Your Bread Maker has an 10 minute power interruption The Delay timer allows you to delay the bread making protection in case the unit is accidentally unplugged process up to 13 hours. The delayed start cannot be during operation.
  • Page 8: Bread/Dough Program Chart

    bread/dough program chart Program Total Program Time Manual alert for Keep Medium Crust Colour adding ingredients ' Warm '' 700g 900g 700g 900g 1 Basic White or Brown Bread 2.53 3:00 2:15 2:20 Flour recipes 2 French Produces a crisper crust and 3:40 3:50 2:35...
  • Page 10: Recipes

    Recipes (add the ingredients to the pan in the order listed in the recipes) Basic White Bread Wholemeal Seeded Bread Program 1 Program 3 Ingredients 900g 700g Ingredients 900g 700g Water 320ml 270ml Water 310mls 250mls Vegetable oil ⁄ tbsp 1tbsp Vegetable Oil ⁄...
  • Page 11: Bread Rolls

    Recipes (add the ingredients to the pan in the order listed in the recipes) Brioche Bread Summer Fruit Jam Program 5 Program 9 Ingredients 900g 700g Ingredients 450g Jam Milk 200ml 160ml Strawberries 115g Eggs Raspberries 115g Butter, melted 120g Redcurrants Unbleached white bread flour 500g...
  • Page 12: Pizza Dough

    Recipes (add the ingredients to the pan in the order listed in the recipes) Pizza Dough Program 11 1 At the end of the cycle, turn the dough out onto a Ingredients Makes 2 x Makes 1 x lightly floured surface. Gently knock back the dough. 30cm (12”) 30cm (12”) Roll out into a 30 cm (12 in) round and place in the Water...
  • Page 13 ingredients granary bread flour A combination of white, wholemeal and rye flours mixed The major ingredient in bread making is flour, so selecting with malted whole wheat grains, which adds both texture the right one is the key to a successful loaf. and flavour.
  • Page 14 fats and oils If you wish to use fresh yeast note the following: A small amount of fat or oil is often added to bread to 6g fresh yeast = 1tsp dried yeast give a softer crumb. It also helps to extend the freshness Mix the fresh yeast with 1tsp sugar and 2tbsp of the of the loaf.
  • Page 15: Adapting Your Own Recipes

    adapting your own recipes removing, slicing and storing bread After you have baked some of the recipes,supplied you For best results, once your loaf is baked, remove it may wish to adapt a few of your own favourites, which from the machine and turn out of the bread pan previously have been mixed and kneaded by hand.
  • Page 16: General Hints And Tips

    general hints and tips Vegetables such as grated carrot, courgette or cooked mashed potato can be added for flavour. You will need The results of your bread making are dependent on a to reduce the liquid content of the recipe as these number of different factors, such as the quality of foods contain water.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Guide

    troubleshooting guide Following are some typical problems that can occur when making bread in your bread maker. Please review the problems, their possible cause and the corrective action that should be taken to ensure successful bread making. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION LOAF SIZE AND SHAPE 1.
  • Page 18 troubleshooting guide (continued) PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION LOAF SIZE AND SHAPE 6. Collapsed • Machine was placed in a draught or • Reposition bread maker. while baking. may have been knocked or jolted during rising. • Exceeding capacity of bread pan. •...
  • Page 19 troubleshooting guide (continued) PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION PAN PROBLEMS 15. Kneader cannot • You must add water to bread pan and • Follow cleaning instructions after use. be removed. allow kneader to soak before it can You may need to twist kneader slightly be removed.
  • Page 20: Service And Customer Care

    (in or out of guarantee) At the end of its working life, the product must not be call Kenwood customer care on 023 9239 2333. disposed of as urban waste. Have your model number ready - it is located on It must be taken to a special local authority differentiated the base of your Bread Maker.
  • Page 21 Head Office Address: Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK Made in China 40000/1...

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