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I translate the French manual to English. To download the French manual the link is @ next
BM200 & BM258


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  • Page 1 ‫ا‬ ‫ا ا‬ I translate the French manual to English. To download the French manual the link is @ next http://www.4shared.com/file/QxSt-lg6/Kenwood_BM200_BM258_Frinsh.html BM200 & BM258...
  • Page 2 DIRECTION For your safety and that of your family, please read very carefully Important Safety Recommendations listed below . RECOMMANDATIONS IMPORTANTES POUR LA SECURITE 1 Read all the instructions - this will allow you to use your best Bread machine. 2 DO NOT touch hot surfaces, such as the metal inside the upper or the handle of the bowl.
  • Page 3: Components View

    YOUR BREAD MACHIN KENWOOD 1. Handle cover breadmaker 2. Viewing window 3. Leg lock 4. Control Panel 5. Alignment marks 6. Location lug Lock 7. Heater 8. Handle of the bread bowl 9. Kneader 10. Shaft drive 11. Coupling drive...
  • Page 4: Command Panel

    THE COMMAND PANEL Display Key Timer TIMER SET WHITE Key for Extended Bake Regular Adjusting time Large SELECT Large Dark WHOLEWHEAT Regular Guide for select Large Key for starting up START Program baking Large Rapid ----- SPECIALITY French Sweet Stop Button STOP Dough Cake/Quick Bread...
  • Page 5: Comment Utiliser Votre Machine A Pain

    COMMENT UTILISER VOTRE MACHINE A PAIN Before the plug: ● Make sure the electricity you use is the same as indicated in your device. ● This device complies with Directive 89/336/EEC EEC European. Before using your bread machine for the first time: ●...
  • Page 6: Selection Panel

    SELECTION PANEL SELECTION panel lets you choose among several settings for different types of bread, and for pulp and jam. Each time you press a touch panel SELECT, the number on the billboard go to next menu setting control panel. You could, for example want to make a large loaf cooked: in this case you will enter the number key until the appearance of "3"...
  • Page 7 SELECTION PANEL 1 2 3 White settings can be used for almost any recipe bread using mainly white bread flour. 4 5 6 Full settings should be used for bread recipes using mainly of wheat flour or flour for bread. The French setting gives a crispy crust could ‫...
  • Page 8: Keys To Set Timer

    THE KEYS TO SET TIMER TIMER SET (Set timer) you can defer the process of Making bread for up to 12 hours after the time indicated on the pad. The delayed start is not recommended for settings for the dough, jam or quick cooking. IMPORTANT : with this function of delay start, you should not using perishable ingredients - that is to say foods that deteriorate easily at room temperature, such as milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt, etc..
  • Page 9: How To Begin

    If the bread machine is on the way "Pain" (1-8, 10, 12), it will change to "Keep warm "for up to one hour or until the machine is switched off, following this whichever happens first. For more information on making bread and other recipes, see your Cookbook Kenwood .
  • Page 10: Des Cycles Pour Le Pain/La Pate

    TABLEAU DETAILLE DES CYCLES POUR LE PAIN/LA PATE Now that you know exactly what is happening inside your machine bread during the process, the table below shows you in minutes and seconds time required for each cycle. These times are approximate and they are data as a guide.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Here are some examples of typical problems that you might when you rencontier made bread in your bread machine. Be sure to read all these problems, their cause and possible action to be taken to remedy this and achieve your revenue. PROBLEME CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION...
  • Page 12 TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION PROBLEME 4. The top and sides • Il y a trop liquid. • Use 15 ml / 3 teaspoons of liquid in less Are sunken. next time or add a little more flour. • Il y a trop de levure. •...
  • Page 13 TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION PROBLEME TEXTURE OF BREAD 8. The texture is dense • Il y a trop de farine. • Mesurez la farine avec exactitude and heavy. (voir page 5). • Il n’y a pas assez de levure. •...
  • Page 14: Mechanical Problems

    TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION PROBLEME PROBLEMS WITH THE BREAD BOWL 15. The dough can • Vous devez ajouter de l’eau dans le bol • Suivez les instructions de lavage après not be out of à pain et laisser tremper le pétrisseur l’usage.
  • Page 15: Entretien Et Nettoyage

    ENTRETIEN ET NETTOYAGE IMPORTANT : Always unplug the appliance and let it cool before cleaning. ● DO NOT immerse the body of the device or the external base of the bowl to bread in water. ●DO NOT wash the bread pan into a dishwasher as this may affect its anti-adhesive and then the bread would stick to the walls during cooking.
  • Page 16: Customer Service

    CUSTOMER SERVICE If the cord of your bread machine is damaged, it must be replaced for security reasons by Kenwood or an approved repairer of Kenwood. If you need help: ● Use your machine. ● Maintain or repair your machine...
  • Page 17 Kenwood Limited New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH UK www.kenwood.co.uk 2463/1...
  • Page 18 THOSE PAGES BY ME Cooking a normal white bread My Way (600 gr) Ingredients ● 250 ml Water ● 370 g flour, unbleached white bread ● (2 teaspoons) of skimmed milk powder ● 6 g (1 teaspoon) salt ● 20 g (1.75 tablespoons) sugar ●...
  • Page 19 Nasser321@yahoo.com...

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