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Filling The Clean Solution Tank . 7-8 Emptying The Recovery Tank; How To Use; How To Empty - Hoover SteamVac Owner's Manual

Deep cleaner
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Replace cap. Rotate cap clock-
wise until it locks In place. Cap
must be locked In place for proper
performance and to prevent leaking.
Raise handle to carrying position
(straight up) to unlock tank from
base of deep cleaner. Lift tank from
deep cleaner and carry it to a sink or

How to use

Before you begin
a. Vacuum thoroughly - For carpet, use
a vacuum cleaner with an agitator for
best results. Vacuum upholstery with a
vacuum cleaner with cleaning tool
attachments. Use a crevice tool to reach
into tufts and folds. Do not use the
'SteamVac'deep cleaner as a dry vac-
uum cleaner.
b. For upholstery, check cleaning
code - Use your HOOVER 'SteamVac'
deep cleaner only if the upholstery fab-
ric is marked with a "W" (for "wet" clean)
or "S/W" (for "solvent/dry" or "wet"
clean). Do not clean fabric marked "S"
("solvent/dry" clean only). If your
upholstery does not have a code, seek
professional assistance.
c .Test for colorfastness - Mix deterg e n t
and water according to the instru c t i o n s
under "Fill clean solution tank" on pages 7
and 8. Wet a white absorbent cloth with the
Position bottom of tank into unit
and press on tank handle to snap
tank into place.
To remove tank lid, rotate handle
completely toward back of tank
and lift off lid.
Empty the tank and reposition the lid.
solution. In a small, hidden area, gently ru b
the surface with the dampened cloth. Wait ten
minutes and check for color removal or bleed
with white paper towel or cloth. If surface has
m o re than one color, check all colors.
d.When cleaning entire floor, move
furniture out of area to be cleaned
(may not be necessary if only high traffic
areas are to be cleaned). For furniture
too heavy to move, place aluminum foil
or wax paper under legs. This will pre-
vent wood finishes from staining carpet.
Pin up furniture skirts and draperies.
e. Pretreat spots and heavy traffic
areas with HOOVER
Test PreCleaner for colorfastness by first
spraying it on a hidden area; wait ten
minutes and blot with white paper towels
or cloth.
If no color change is visible, spray
P reCleaner onto spots and traffic areas. Wa i t
at least ten minutes. Use your 'SteamVa c '
deep cleaner to pick up PreCleaner and
spot. Repeat until spot is removed; care f u l l y
s c rub with a household scrub brush if nec-
e s s a ry.
Do not saturate carpet or upholstery with
P re C l e a n e r.
Recovery tank
(lower tank)
The recovery tank holds the dirty solu-
tion that is picked up from the carpet.
When the recovery tank is full, the auto-
matic shut-off will engage (see page 7)
and the tank must be emptied.

How to empty

Turn deep cleaner off and disconnect
from electrical outlet.
To prevent possible leaking, remove
clean solution tank (Fig. 21) by pressing
down on tank handle and pulling for-
ward; set tank aside (do not set tank
on furniture).
Step on handle release pedal (Fig. 16)
and lower handle until it rests on the
For full suction, it is important that
the recovery tank lid is properly
secured before cleaning.
Raise tank handle to carrying position to
place it into base of cleaner. Move han-
dle completely forward to lock tank into
place (see Fig. 28).
Raise handle of deep cleaner to upright
position and reposition upper clean
solution tank.
If you do not have access to the
PreCleaner Spray, d o u ble the amount of
H O OVER Detergent (use 2 capfuls or 10
oz per 1 gallon) in the clean solution
t a n k .
* Available at additional cost if not included
with your model. No cleaning solution
removes all stains from all carpets. Stain
removal varies with the type of spill, time
elapsed before removal, carpet material,
and carpet type.
f. To prevent staining, use plastic or alu-
minum foil to protect wood or metal sur-
faces from possible water spray.
g .To avoid wetting and possible damage
to wood floors underneath area rugs/car-
p e t , e i t h e r move area rugs/ carpet to a non-
wood bare floor surface o r place waterpro o f
material (e.g. plastic) underneath them
b e f o re cleaning.
See pages 9-12 for instructions on various
cleaning tasks.

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Table of Contents

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