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Hoover SteamVac Owner's Manual

Deep cleaner with automatic tool conversion
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ESPANOL 4 prig. 14-21
The Easy to Use
p. 2 2-29
Deep Cleaner
tool conversion
Plus Models
are included
in this manual
by applying
hot tap



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  • Page 1 HOOVER Owner's ® Manual Sreaz-Vac ESPANOL 4 prig. 14-21 The Easy to Use p. 2 2-29 FRAN(_AIS'_ Deep Cleaner with automatic tool conversion Review this manual before operating deep cleaner Deluxe Models Plus Models Ultra Models These models are included...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance Is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped Into water, take it to a Hoover Factory Service Center or Authorized Hoover Warranty Service Dealer. •...
  • Page 3 Grounding Instructions A temporary adapter (D) may be used to DANGER. connect this plug to a 2-pole receptacle (E) if a properly grounded outlet is not Improper connection of the equipment- available. The temporary adapter should grounding conductor can result in the This appliance must be grounded.
  • Page 4 The assembled cleaner will look like this drawing (Ultra model shown). Attach upper handle emove clean solution tank (upper tank) from deep cleaner. ith cord hook (A) to back of deep cleaner, push upper handle down onto lower handle. Push bolts into holes on front of handle.
  • Page 5 Attach hose rack Storing hose & tools lide rack down into place. Insert screw at (D) and tighten with a Remove tool and taped screw from Phillips screwdriver. Store hose on rack by first position- rack. ing hose in front section of clip. insert projections on rack into slots on back of cleaner.
  • Page 6: 15. Agitator Speed Selector

    The assembled deep cleaner will look like the drawing. 1. Hand grip 13. Recovery tank: holds dirty solution. 2. Solution trigger: press to 14. Hood release clean solution. 3. Cord clip: place cord in clip 15. Agitator speed selector: slide selector to set brush to keep it out of the way when using cleaner speed on HI, LO, or OFF.
  • Page 7: Brush Indicator

    Agitator Speed selector The deep cleaner may alsobelift- edbyplacing a hand under t he upper c lean solution t ank handle a s When t he recovery tank (lower tank) is Your 'SteamVac' deep cleaner has full t he automatic shutoff mechanism three agitator brush settings.
  • Page 8 For heavy traffic areas: Pre-treat with HOOVER PreCleaner Spray. If you do not have access to the PreCleaner Spray, double the amount of HOOVER Detergent (use 2 capfuls or 10 ounces per 1 gallon tank). CAUTION: Detergents contain Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants.
  • Page 9: Before You Begin

    PreCleaner Spray, double the amount Before you begin with white paper towel or cloth. If surface has of HOOVER Detergent (use 2 capfuls or 10 oz. per 1 gallon) in the clean cleaning more than one color, check all colors.
  • Page 10: Carpet Cleaning

    Read Before you begin cleaning instructions on page 9. Do not use the SteamVac deep clean- er on hardwood floors. Fil_ clean solution tank with HOOVER Bare Floor Cleaner according to instruc- Push attachment against nozzle while tions on pages 7 and 8.
  • Page 11: After Cleaning

    Read "Before you begin cleaning" Instructions on page 9. Place handle in upright position. Agitator brushes will not rotate while handle Is in upright position. Fill clean solution tank with HOOVER Carpet/Upholstery Detergent according to instructions on pages 7 and 8. Attach...
  • Page 12: Lubrication

    Do not store deep cleaner with a full solution tank In place. Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover If additional cleaning is necessary, wait Company in North Canton for service, until the upholstery is completely dry this will only result in delay.
  • Page 13: Warranty

    Warranty (Domestic Use) problem If a minor problem occurs, it usually can Your HOOVER@ appliance is warranted in be solved quite easily when the cause is normal household use, in accordance with found by using the check list below. the Owner's Manual against original...
  • Page 14 Name SH'IPi-,NG & HANDLING $4.50 TOTAL COST $ Use this form to order HOOVER detergents and accessories directly from Street THE HOOVER COMPANY, NORTH CANTON, OHIO. These items will be shipped to your home freight prepaid. They may also be purchased from your local Hoover dealer or Hoover Factory Service Center.

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