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Cleaning Upholstery; Lubrication; Service; Storage - Hoover SteamVac Owner's Manual

Deep cleaner
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For heavily soiled areas, it may be
necessary to repeat the cleaning
process. Make crisscrossing strokes to
the original pattern; overlap each pass.
Make no more than 2 passes with the
solution over any one area to prevent
over-wetting and damage to fabric.
If additional cleaning is necessary, wait
until the upholstery is completely dry
before using the nozzle again.
Empty recovery tank when the motor
sound becomes higher pitched and
there is a loss in suction (see "Automatic
shut-off", page 7).
When finished cleaning, follow "After
cleaning" instructions on page 9 and
"After using tool" instructions on page 11.
S t o r a g e
Before storing:
• Empty solution tank and rinse
thoroughly with clean water.
• Replace empty solution tank and
turn deep cleaner ON. Squeeze
trigger and push deep cleaner for-
ward and back several times to
expel any solution remaining in the
deep cleaner's system. (Do not use
deep cleaner on wood floors.)
• Empty recovery tank and rinse
thoroughly with clean water.
Allow underside of deep cleaner to air
dry thoroughly before storing deep
cleaner on a carpeted or wood surface.
Do not store deep cleaner with a full
solution tank In place .


The motor Is equipped with bearings
which contain sufficient lubrication for
the life of the motor. The addition of lubri-
cant could cause damage. Do not add
lubricant to motor bearings.


To obtain approved HOOVER service
and genuine HOOVER parts, locate the
nearest Hoover Factory Service Center
or Authorized Hoover Warranty
Service Dealer (Depot) by:
• checking the Yellow Pages under
Vacuum Cleaners - Household" OR
• checking the list of Factory Service
Centers provided with this cleaner
OR -
• calling 1-800-944-9200 for an
automated referral of authorized
service outlet locations (U.S. only)
OR -
•checking the Service section of The
Hoover Company on-line at
Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover
Company in North Canton for service,
this will only result in delay.
If further assistance Is needed, contact
The Hoover Company Consumer
Response Center, North Canton, Ohio
44720 Phone: 330-499-9499.
In Canada, contact Hoover Canada,
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4A8,
Phone: 1-800-263-6376.
Always identify your cleaner by the
complete model number when request-
ing information or ordering parts. (The
model number appears on the bottom of
the cleaner.)

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Table of Contents

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