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Before You Begin; After Cleaning; Carpet Cleaning - Hoover SteamVac Owner's Manual

Deep cleaner
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After cleaning

a. Allow carpet or upholstery to dry. To
help prevent matting and resoiling the
carpet, keep children and pets away
from surface until it is completely dry. If
it is necessary to walk on damp car-
pet, place towels or white cloths on the
traffic areas.
If furniture must be replaced before the
carpet is dry, use plastic or aluminum
foil pads under legs of furniture so metal
slides or wood finishes will not stain the
b. If desired, the carpet may be rinsed.
Rinsing Is not necessary for cleaning,
but it may Improve the surface's appear-
ance after it is dry.
If rinsing is desired, be careful not to
over-wet the carpet or upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning

Read "Before you begin cleaning"
instructions on page 9.
Fill clean solution tank (upper tank) with
HOOVER Carpet/Upholstery Detergent
according to instructions on pages 7
and 8.
Dry hands and plug cord into a properly
grounded outlet.
Do not clean over floor electrical out-
To avoid walking on damp carpet, start
at the end of the room farthest from the
door or path to sink where tanks will be
emptied and filled .
Step on handle release pedal and lower
handle to operating position; turn deep
cleaner ON.
Squeeze trigger to release cleaning
Allow time for carpet or upholstery to
dry completely between cleaning and
rinsing. To rinse, follow the same proce-
dure for cleaning only using hot tap
water with no detergent in the upper
clean solution tank.
c. Empty tanks, rinse with clear water
and let air dr y. Rinse the solution tank
cap and recovery tank lid and let air dry.
solution and slowly push deep
cleaner forward (equals one wet
Continue to squeeze trigger and slowly
pull deep cleaner back toward you (sec-
ond wet stroke). Release trigger and
slowly push deep cleaner forward over
area just sprayed with solution (dry
stroke). Then slowly pull deep cleaner
back toward you without squeezing trig-
ger (dry stroke).
Overlap strokes by 1 inch to help pre-
vent streaking.
d. Remove debris from recovery
tank filter and rinse with clean
Note: If the filter must be removed for
cleaning, it is easier to replace if the fil-
ter is wet.
e. If desired, vacuum thoroughly after
carpet has completely dried. This will
help reduce any shading left by the
deep cleaner's brushes.
f. If a tool has been used, remove tool
from hose and return hose to storage
position. The hose end must be
pushed completely down into holder
to ensure maximum suction when
cleaning floors (Fig. 12).
To clean nozzle
If lint or other debris becomes lodged in
nozzle, do not attempt to remove
nozzle cover.
Pour one to two cups of clear water on a
non-carpeted floor. Do not pour water
onto a wood floor.
Pick up water with your 'SteamVac' deep
cleaner. Repeat as necessary until
debris is flushed out of nozzle.
To clean the outside of the machine,
wipe off dirt with a cloth dampened in
warm water and mild detergent. Do not
use solvent or petroleum based prod-
ucts to clean the machine .
Keep nozzle flat on floor for both for-
ward and reverse strokes.
For heavily soiled areas, repeat. To
avoid saturating carpet, do not use
more than 4 wet strokes over one
area. Always end with dry strokes.
It is best to alternate wet and dry
strokes as described above.
For best cleaning results and to aid in
faster drying of carpet, end with more
dry strokes. (Continue using dry strokes
until little water is visible passing
through the recovery tank lid.)
Empty recovery tank when the motor
sound becomes higher pitched and
there is a loss in suction (see
"Automatic shut-off", page 7)
When finished cleaning, follow "After
cleaning" instructions on page 9.

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Table of Contents

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