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Cleaning Carpet; Picking Up Spills; Cleaning Bare Floors; Using The Tools - Hoover SteamVac Owner's Manual

Deep cleaner
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Picking up spills

Your HOOVER SteamVac deep cleaner
may also be used to pick up small liq-
uid spills (1 gallon or less, never to
exceed 1/4 inch in depth) on carpet,
upholstery, or bare floors.
For best results, pick up spills immedi-
ately by placing the stair/upholstery
nozzle just above the spill and suction
up any residue on top of the carpet. If
the spill remains, place either the stair/
upholstery nozzle or floor nozzle in front
of the spill, pull the nozzle very slowly
over the spill initially with suction only.
Repeat with spray and suction.
With foam strip (A) (located under
the netting) in position as shown,
place attachment on front of nozzle (B).
Make sure arrow on end of attachment
points in the direction as shown.
Dry hands and plug deep cleaner into
a properly grounded outlet.
Step on handle release pedal and lower
handle to operating position; turn deep
cleaner ON.
To release solution, press trigger. Slowly
move deep cleaner forward and back-
ward over area to be cleaned.
To pick up dirty solution, release trigger
and slowly move deep cleaner over
area where solution has just been dis-
persed. Use both forward and reverse
Empty recovery tank when the motor
sound becomes higher pitched and
there is a loss in suction (see
"Automatic shut-off", page 7).
When finished cleaning, follow "After
cleaning" instructions on pages 9-10.
Remove attachment from nozzle and
rinse in clear water. Do not remove
plastic screen or foam from attach-
When picking up spills on bare floors,
use only the floor nozzle with the bare
floor attachment in place (this will help
prevent spreading the spill).
If a spot is left, the stair/upholstery nozzle is
generally more effective for removing it.
Although no cleaning solution can completely
remove all spots, they can be treated by fol-
lowing the instructions provided by the manu-
f a c t u rer of the carpet, upholstery, or bare floor
s u rface being cleaned.
Do not use the SteamVac deep cleaner to
p i ck up flammable or combu s t i ble liquids
or ch e m i c a l s .
When finished, follow "After cleaning"
instructions on page 9.
Push attachment against nozzle while
rotating attachment downward until
both ends snap into place.
( N o t e : Some fo rce may be required to
rotate and snap attachment into place. )

Using the tools

The stair/upholstery nozzle has a built-in
brush to help provide the scrubbing
action some spots may need for
How to attach tool
Disconnect deep cleaner from electri-
cal outlet.
Place handle in upright position and
remove hose from rack.

Cleaning bare floors

How to attach bare floor
Disconnect deep cleaner from electri-
cal outlet.
To prevent possible leaking, remove
clean solution tank and recovery tank
before positioning bare attachment.
Refer to Fig. 21 to remove clean solu-
tion tank. Set tank aside (do not set
tank on furniture).
Refer to Fig. 28 to remove recovery
With handle in upright position, tilt
cleaner back so that handle rests on
the floor.
Return deep cleaner to upright position.
Lower handle and replace recover y
Raise handle to upright position and
reposition clean solution tank.
To clean floor
Read Before you begin cleaning
instructions on page 8.
Do not use the SteamVac deep clean-
er on hardwood floors.
Fill clean solution tank with HOOVER
Bare Floor Cleaner according to instruc-
tions on pages 7 and 8.
Do not use any type of wax with your
SteamVac deep cleaner.
Connect stair/upholstery nozzle to
end of hose by sliding it onto con-
nector until the tab (A) locks it securely.
Using your thumb, push forward and
up on the latch (B) to remove tool as
Follow the instructions on pages 11-12
for the appropriate cleaning task.

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Table of Contents

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