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Replacing The Lcd - Fluke 110 Calibration Information Manual

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Replacing the LCD

You must remove the circuit board assembly to access and replace the LCD.
The circuit board is extremely susceptible to contamination. To avoid
contamination, handle it by the input receptacle, fuse clips, or edges of the
board only. You can also use clean surgical gloves to help avoid contamination.
To replace the LCD
1. Turn the rotary switch to
2. Open the case as described earlier.
3. Remove the 3 Phillips screws securing the input terminals to the case top.
4. Pry the board out of the case using the tip of a thin screwdriver. Lift the circuit board out carefully to
avoid contamination.
5. Carefully insert the tip of a thin screwdriver under the LCD mask at the top of the display as shown in
Figure 5.
6. Lift up the LCD mask gently with the screwdriver blade to loosen the mask from the assembly. Be
careful to press upward, not inward toward the LCD. Tilt the LCD mask upward to release.
7. Replace the LCD. Center the LCD on the platform between the brackets before you replace the LCD
mask. If the LCD is improperly aligned, the display may show missing segments, meaningless
readings, or the LCD might break.
and remove the test leads from the terminals.
Figure 4. Removing Screws on the PCA
Replacing the LCD
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