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Calibrating The Meter - Fluke 110 Calibration Information Manual

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Calibrating the Meter

To enable Calibration mode
1. Turn the rotary switch to the
2. Using a small blunt probe, press and hold the recessed calibration button for one second. The recessed
calibration button is located under the calibration seal on the back of the Meter.
The Meter beeps once and then enters Calibration mode. When Calibration mode is enabled, the Meter
displays the calibration step number on the display unless you press one of the alternate calibration keys.
The Meter remains in Calibration mode until it is switched off, or until the calibration sequence is
completed and you press the yellow
The buttons behave as follows when you enable Calibration mode:
The measured value shown on the display may not be accurate during calibration. If
the rotary knob setting does not correspond with the requested calibration step, then
the present measurement will be invalid. Even if the rotary knob is in the correct
position, the present measurement (reported when the HOLD button is pressed and
held) is likely to be slightly different from the applied signal because it will be
showing an uncalibrated measurement.
To calibrate the Meter
1. Turn the rotary switch to the desired calibration function. (See the calibration settings later in this
document for the list of functions.)
If the rotary switch position is wrong when the calibration step is completed, the
Meter beeps twice and you will be unable to continue with the calibration process.
2. Apply the input signal required by the present calibration step. Press and hold the
view the required value on the display.
3. Wait for the measurement to settle out to its final value. Press and hold the
measured value on the display.
This is an uncalibrated measurement, so it is likely to be slightly inaccurate. This is
Table 3. Calibration Options
Press and hold the HOLD button to display the measured value.
Press and hold the MINMAX button to display the required input.
Press the RANGE button to skip the present calibration step without accepting the
input signal. If you skip a calibration step, it may invalidate the calibration.
Press the yellow Hz button to accept the input signal, calibrate the function and start
the next step. The Hz button is also used to exit Calibration mode after the calibration
sequence is complete.
Calibration Option
Calibrating the Meter
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