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Safety Precautions - Sharp IV-S51M Instruction Manual

Image sensor camera
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Read this user's manual and the attached documents carefully before installing, operating, or performing any
maintenance, in order to keep the machine working correctly. Make sure you understand all of the equipment
details, safety information, and cautions before using this machine. In this user's manual, the safety
precautions are divided into "Dangers" and "Cautions" as follows.
: Improper handling is likely to lead to death or serious injury.
: Improper handling may lead to injury or damage to equipment.
The following symbols are used to prohibit or explain required action.
: This means do not do what is described. For example, prohibited disassembly is shown as
: This means an action you must take. For example, a ground connection that must be made is
shown as
(1) Installation
Use only in the environments specified in the catalog, instruction manual, or user's manual.
Electric shock, fire or malfunction may result if used in high temperature, high humidity,
dusty or corrosive environments, or if excessive vibration or impact occurs.
Install the equipment only as described in the manual.
An improper installation may cause the equipment to fail, breakdown, or malfunction.
Never leave wire cuttings or any other foreign matter lying about.
A fire, breakdown or malfunction may result from inappropriate objects left near the equip-
(2) Wiring
• Connect only to the specified power source.
Connection to the wrong power source may cause a fire.
• Wiring should be performed by a qualified electrician.
Improper wiring may lead to a fire, machine failure or electric shock.
(3) Use
• Do not touch the terminals while the power is turned ON or you may receive an electric shock.
• Assemble an external emergency stop circuit and interlock circuit (external to the IV-S51M
compact image sensor camera). Otherwise a breakdown or damage to the other equipment
may occur due to a problem with the IV-S51M.
• Take special care to follow all safety guidelines if you are changing the parameters for the
operating conditions or performing an "enforced output," "run," or "stop" during operation.
Misoperation may damage the machine or cause an accident.
• Turn ON the power supplies in the specified sequence. Turning ON the supplies in the wrong
order may lead to a machine breakdown or cause an accident.

Safety Precautions

Even when only a
Caution is given, serious results may occur depending on the
circumstances. In all cases, important points are described. Be sure to follow the
advice given.
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