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Sharp IV-S51M Instruction Manual page 8

Image sensor camera
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Input terminal block
(INPUT: X0 to X15)
OUTPUT : Y0 to Y15
Power terminal block (+24V, 0V)
Serial interface connector
Extension connector
(termination resistance) lamp
Power lamp (POWER)
USB connector (×2)
LAN interface connector
(10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX)
Analog RGB monitor connector
Connector for IV monitor
Camera 1 connector (CAMERA 1)
Camera 2 connector (CAMERA 2)
Mounting hole for angle bracket
Connector cover
This block has 16 input terminals.
• External devices are connected to these terminals for input
(parallel I/F).
This block has 16 output terminals.
• External devices are connected to these terminals for output
(parallel I/F).
This will turn ON when the measurement start input is enabled.
This turns OFF when the image processing is halted.
This turns ON when image processing is running.
Commercially available constant-voltage power supply
(24V DC ±10%, 2A or more) is connected here.
This connector is used to connect a personal computer for
communications (general-purpose serial I/F) or to connect
programmable controller for a computer link.
This connector is used to connect external devices (power
supply module for lighting, etc.) for communications (general-
purpose serial I/F).
When terminating resistance at RS-422 input of general-
purpose serial port (COM) is ON, this lamp will be lit. When IV-
S51M is connected to several peripheral devices at RS-422,
turn ON the terminating resistance of IV-S51M or the peripheral
devices which are located at the both ends of the cable.
ON/OFF will be set for the termination resistance of IV-S51M in
"Setting up system parameters".
When power is supplied to the IV-S51M, this lamp will light
USB mouse or USB trackball are connected here. Use the
devices with 100mA or less. The upper connector is for future
extension to be used for USB storage or other purposes.
Ethernet cable is used when IV-S51M is connected to LAN
(runs on 10 BASE-T/100 BASE - TX)
Commercially available analog RGB monitor with SVGA display
function is connected here.
Monitor cable (IV-S50MC2:to be sold separately) is connected
to here when the LCD monitor (IV-08MP) is separately used.
This will be not used when a monitor and IV-S51M are directly
The camera cable connector is connected here.
• The camera connected to the CAMERA 1 position is camera 1,
and the camera connected to the CAMERA 2 position is camera 2.
This is the hole to mount angle bracket to IV-S51M. There are
two types of angle brackets which are the angle bracket for the
side mount and the angle bracket for backside/bottom mount
This cover is removed, when IV-S51M and LCD monitor
(IV-08MP) are directly connected.
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