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[ 1 ] Connecting A Power Supply - Sharp IV-S51M Instruction Manual

Image sensor camera
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[ 1 ] Connecting a power supply

Connecting a commercially available constant-voltage power supply to the power terminal
(POWER: +24V, 0 V) on the IV-S51M. Use a 24 VDC±10%, 2A or more constant-voltage power
• Use an individual power supply to supply power to the IV-S51M. If the power supply is used to
power other equipment, measurement error may occur.
• Check the polarity of the power supply terminals, +24 V and 0 V. If power is supplied with the
polarity inverted, the IV-S51M may be damaged.
• Only connect or disconnect the camera cable and other equipment while the power is OFF.
Frame ground
24V DC
power supply
(Note) To improve the noise resistance of the constant-voltage power supply to the IV-S51M,
observe the following precautions.
• Ground the FG terminal of the constant-voltage power supply according to the class D
(class 3) grounding.
• The power line between the IV-S51M and the constant-voltage power supply must be as
short as possible. (Recommended distance: less than 1 m)
Do not run the power supply line near any noise generating sources, such as electric motor
• Use twisted-pair wire for the power supply line.
• Connect the power/output terminal block and the input terminal block while they are
detached. If they are connected while they are attached, damage may occur.
• Only insert each terminal into the controller after all the wiring is completed.
4. Wiring
Power supply terminal
(0 V)
(2.5 A)
4 - 1
This distance must be as short as possible
(Recommended distance: less than 1 m)
TG terminal
Power supply terminal (+24V)



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