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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 18

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18 daily use
Select and start a washing
1. Check that the baskets have been
loaded correctly and that the spray
arms are free to rotate
2. Check that the water tap is opened
3. Close the dishwasher's door.
4. Press the POWER button. The
POWER light is on (setting mode).
5. Press the PROGRAM button
repeatedly to select a washing
program (see "Washing
programmes" chart): the
corresponding light illuminates and
the diplay shows the duration of
the selected programme.
6. Set, if required, the "DELAY"
After having selected the washing
program, press the DELAY button
until the flashing number of hours
for the DELAY will appear in the
digital display. You can choose
from 1 to 19 hours of delay.
During the setting of the program the
START light flashes:
7. Press the START button to start
the programme or the countdown.
The START light remains
illuminated during the performance
of the program.
The programme will start
11:52 AM
Pagina 18
With DELAY fuction activated:
The countdown starts
automatically. The number in the
display is no longer flashing but
fixed with static light.
The countdown will decrease with
steps of 1 hour.
The opening of the door will not
modify or interrupt the countdown.
Once the delay start has elapsed
the programme will start
If desired, activate the Button LOCK
Interrupt or cancel a washing
programme in progress ONLY if it's
absolutely necessary.
Attention! Hot steam may escape
when the door is opened. Open the
door carefully.
Interrupt a washing program in
Open the dishwasher door; the
program will stop. Close the door;
the program will start from the
point at which it was interrupted.
Press the POWER button, all lights
will turn off. Press the POWER
button again; the program will start
from the point at which it was

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