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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 16

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16 daily use
Use of detergent
Only use detergents specifically
designed for use in dishwashers.
Please observe the manufacturer's
dosing and storage recommendations
as stated on the detergent packaging.
Using no more than the correct
amount of detergent contributes to
reducing pollution.
Fill with detergent
1. Open the lid.
2. Fill the detergent dispenser (1)
with detergent. The marking
indicates the dosing levels:
11:52 AM
Pagina 16
20 = approximately 20 g of
30 = approximately 30 g of
3. All programmes with prewash need
an additional detergent dose (5/10
g) that must be placed in the
prewash detergent chamber (2).
This detergent will take effect
during the prewash phase.
When using detergent tablets;
place the tablet in compartment (1)
4. Close the lid and press until it
locks in place.
Detergent tablets
Detergent tablets from different
manufactures dissolve at different
rates. For this reason, some detergent
tablets do not attain their full cleaning
power during short washing
programmes. Therefore, please use
long washing programmes when
using detergent tablets, to ensure the
complete removal of detergent

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