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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 19

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Cancel a delay start or a washing
program in progress
Simultaneously press and hold the
two program buttons positioned
over the word Cancel, until only
the POWER light is on. The
washing program has been
If a new washing program is to be
selected, check that there is
detergent in the detergent
End of the washing program
The dishwasher will automatically
The light of the program just ended
will remain on.
Zero appears in the digital display.
1. Switch off the dishwasher by
pressing the POWER button.
2. Open the dishwasher's door, leave
it ajar and wait a few minutes
before removing the dishes; in this
way they will be cooler and the
drying will be improved.
11:52 AM
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The dishwasher drying system is
provided with a device that allows air
to circulate inside the dishwasher to
prevent residual steam recondensing
on the dishes as water droplets.
Once the washing programe has
ended this device operates
intermittently for another 20
minutes, as long as the dishwasher
is switched on.
If the On/Off button is pressed or the
door is opened during these 20
minutes, the device will be
automatically cancelled.
Unloading the dishwasher
Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks.
Dishes should therefore be allowed
to cool down before removing from
the appliance.
Empty the lower basket first and
then the upper one; this will avoid
water dripping from the upper
basket onto the dishes in the lower
Water may appear on the sides
and the door of the dishwasher as
the stainless steel will eventually
become cooler than the dishes.
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