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Daily Use - Westinghouse SB916 User Manual

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10 daily use

Daily use
Check if it's necessary to refill with
rinse aid
Load cutlery and dishes into the
Fill with dishwasher detergent .
Select a wash program suitable for
the cutlery and dishes.
Start the wash program.
Loading cutlery and dishes
Sponges, household cloths and any
object that can absorb water must not
be washed in the dishwasher.
Before loading the dishes, you
- Remove all left over food and
- Soften remnants of burnt food in
When loading the dishes and
cutlery, please note:
- Dishes and cutlery must not
impede the rotation of the spray
arms .
- Load hollow items such as cups,
glasses, pans, etc. with the
opening downwards so that water
cannot collect in the container or
a deep base.
- Dishes and items of cutlery must
not lie inside one another, or
cover each other.
- To avoid damage to glasses, they
must not touch.
11:52 AM
Pagina 10
- Lay small objects in the cutlery
Plastic items and pans with non
stick coatings have a tendency to
retain water drops; these items will
not dry as well as porcelain and
steel items.

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