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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 32

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32 building-in
Fitting the steam protection
Fit the steam protection onto the front
part of the worktop, using the screws
Securing the dishwasher
Secure the dishwasher by screwing it
firmly in position under the bench or
to the cupboard beside it. Use the
angular brackets supplied which are
fitted into the slots on the top of the
dishwasher (see fig.).
Tighten the machine in position
(upwards or sideways) by using the
screws supplied (3.5 x 16 mm).
Tighten the screws so that the
dishwasher cannot tip forward and
cause damage when the door is open
and loaded.
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The dishwasher must be secured
to the underside of the worktop or
to adjacent units by using the
brackets supplied.
Neglect to do this can cause injury
or damage.
Under no circumstances may holes
be drilled through the sides of the
dishwasher since this could
damage the hydraulic components.

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