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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 11

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For washing in the dishwasher the following cutlery and dishes
are not suitable:
are of limited suitability:
11:52 AM
- Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or mother-of-
pearls handles.
- Plastic items that are not heat resistant.
- Older cutlery with glued parts that are not
temperature resistant.
- Bonded cutlery items or dishes.
- Pewter or copper items.
- Lead crystal glass.
- Steel items prone to rusting.
- Wooden platters.
- Items made from synthetics fibres.
- Only wash stoneware in the dishwasher if it is
specially marked as being dishwasher-safe by the
- Glazed patterns may fade if machine washed
- Silver and aluminium parts have a tendency to
discolour during washing: Residues, e.g. egg
white, egg yolk and mustard often cause
discolouring and staining on silver. Therefore
always clean left-overs from silver immediately, if it
is not to be washed straight after use.
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