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Westinghouse SB916 User Manual page 17

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Use of Tablets
These products are detergents with a
combined cleaning, rinsing and salt
functions. They can also contain
different agents depending on the
tablets you choose («3 in 1», «4 in 1»,
«5 in 1» etc...).
1. Check whether these detergents
are suitable for your water
hardness. Follow the
manufacturers instructions.
The refilling of the rinse aid dispenser
is no longer necessary. In this case
the rinse aid indicator light will always
remain illuminated when the machine
is switched on.
2. Before starting the washing
programme put the multi functions
tablet in the detergent dispenser.
If the drying results are not
satisfactory we suggest that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.
2. Set the rinse aid dosage to
position 2.
If you decide to turn back to the
use of standard detergent system
we advise that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser
2. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.
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