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Frequently Asked Questions - PANASONIC SC-BT205 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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On the unit's display
"[W1]" is flashing.
(when using the optional wireless
accessory: SH-FX70)
or F
" stands for a number.)
IPOD OVER CURRENT ERROR ≥The iPod is drawing too much power. Remove the iPod, and turn the unit off and on again.

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect other speakers?
Can I extend the speaker cables? ≥Don't extend the speaker cables. Extending the speaker cables can damage
Can I make the system into a
7.1ch sound system?
Can I connect the unit directly to a
My television has COMPONENT VIDEO
IN terminals and HDMI IN terminal.
Which should I connect with?
Can I play BD-Video and
DVD-Video bought in another
Can BD-Video/DVD-Video that
does not have a region code/
number be played?
Please tell me about disc
compatibility with this unit.
SD card
What kinds of operations are
available on the SD card slot on
this unit?
What kinds of cards can be used? ≥SD Memory Cards (from 8 MB to 2 GB), SDHC Memory Cards (from 4 GB to
≥You have inserted a media the unit cannot play.
≥You tried to operate with a non-compatible USB device.
≥There is no link between this unit and the wireless system. Check that the wireless
system is plugged into the household mains socket and is turned on.
≥Ensure that the digital transmitter is fully inserted into the slot of this unit.
≥If the wireless system is not used, disconnect the digital transmitter from this unit.
≥The unit is hot.
The unit switches to standby for safety reasons. Wait for about 30 minutes until the
message disappears.
Select a position with good ventilation when installing the unit. Do not block the
cooling fan on the rear of the unit.
≥The HDMI connection acts unusually.
–The connected equipment is not HDMI compatible.
–Please use HDMI cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover).
–The HDMI cable is damaged.
≥Check and correct the speaker cable connections.
≥There is something unusual. (The service number displayed after H and F
depends on the unit's condition.)
≥Check the unit using the troubleshooting guide. If the service number does not
disappear, do the following.
1 Disconnect the plug from the household mains socket wait a few seconds, then reconnect it.
2 Press [Í/I] to turn the power on. (The unit may be fixed.)
If the service number does not disappear despite doing the above, request service from the
dealer. Inform the dealer of the service number when requesting service.
≥The system is being restarted during the firmware update. Please do not turn off power.
≥The firmware is being updated.
≥The firmware update is complete.
≥The requested operation cannot be conducted.
≥The main unit could not save the modified settings. Some settings may need to be reset.
≥Speakers other than those supplied cannot be used. This system achieves
ideal audio properties through the combination of the main unit and the supplied
speakers. Using other speakers may damage the system and will not produce
correct audio characteristics (e.g., no bass sounds).
the unit, and sound quality will be negatively affected.
≥You cannot make into a 7.1ch sound system.
This system is a 5.1ch sound system.
≥This unit cannot be connected directly to a computer.
≥ The different levels of picture quality input are listed below in order from highest to lowest.
HDMI IN )COMPONENT VIDEO IN )VIDEO IN. However, it will take longer for the
picture output to start up when this unit is connected with the HDMI IN terminal.
≥You cannot play:
–BD-Video discs that do not include region "B".
–DVD-Video discs that do not include region "2" or "ALL".
Refer to the cover of these operating instructions for more information about
your region code and number.
Refer to the disc's jacket for more information.
≥The region management information for BD-Video/DVD-Video indicates that
the disc conforms to industry standards. You cannot play discs that do not
conform to industry standards or do not have a region code or number.
≥Refer to "Media (Disc, card and USB device) information" and "About MP3/JPEG/DivX files".
≥You cannot write to a disc with this unit.
≥The following operations are available.
–Play back JPEG data recorded with a digital camera etc.
– Play back AVCHD motion pictures recorded with Panasonic High Definition Video Camera.
–Play back MPEG2 motion pictures recorded with a Panasonic Standard
Definition Video Camera,
≥If a BD-Video disc supporting BD-Live or BONUSVIEW is used, it is possible to
copy secondary video, etc. from the Internet or disc to the card and play it back
together with the images on the disc, etc.
32 GB), miniSD Cards*, and microSD Cards* can be used.
* A miniSD Card and a microSD Card must be used in the adaptor included with
the memory card.
Please confirm the latest information on the following website.
(This site is in English only.)
44, 45
44, 46


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