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Enjoying Bd-live Or Bonusview In Bd-video; Playing Secondary Video (picture-in-picture) And Secondary Audio; Enjoying Bd-live Discs With Internet - PANASONIC SC-BT205 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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Enjoying BD-LIVE or BONUSVIEW in
BONUSVIEW allows you to enjoy functions such as picture-in-picture or secondary audio etc., with BD-Video supporting
BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1/ Final Standard Profile.
What is BD-Live?
In addition to the BONUSVIEW function, BD-Video supporting BD-ROM Profile 2 that has a network extension function allows
you to enjoy more functions such as subtitles, exclusive images and online games by connecting this unit to the Internet. In order
to use the Internet feature, you must have this unit connected to a broadband network (
≥These discs may not be on sale in certain regions.
≥The usable functions and the operating method may vary with each disc, please refer to the instructions on the disc and/or visit
their website.

Playing secondary video (picture-in-picture) and secondary audio

Secondary video can be played from a disc compatible with the picture-in-picture function.
For the playback method, refer to the instructions for the disc.
To turn on/off secondary video
Press [PIP].
Secondary video is played.
≥Press the button to turn it ON and OFF.
To turn on/off secondary audio
Set "Soundtrack" in "Secondary Video" to "On"
or "Off" (
35, "Signal Type").

Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet

Many BD-Live compatible discs require content to be downloaded onto
an SD card (
56, Local storage) in order to access the available BD-Live
≥An SD card with 1 GB or more of free space (SD Speed Class Rating 2 or
higher) needs to be inserted prior to inserting the BD-Live compatible disc.
Some BD-Live content available on the Blu-ray discs may require an
Internet account to be created in order to access the BD-Live content.
Follow the screen display or instruction manual of the disc for
information on acquiring an account.
≥Connect to the network. (
1 Insert an SD card (
≥If the SD card menu screen is displayed, press [BD/SD], select "BD/
2 Insert the disc (
≥For operation method, refer to the instructions on the disc.
To use the above functions, it is recommended that you format the card on this
Format the card using the following procedures.
Formatting SD cards/Deleting data
It is impossible to restore data after formatting the card or erasing the data.
Once a card is formatted, all data including those recorded on the PC is erased
as well, even if the data were protected with other equipment.
Confirm whether the card can be formatted.
1) Insert an SD card (
2) Press [START].
3) Press [3, 4] to select "To Others" and press
4) Press [3, 4] to select "Card Management" and
press [OK].
5) Press [3, 4] to select "BD-Video Data Erase"
or "Format SD Card" and press [OK].
6) Press [2, 1] to select "Yes" and press [OK].
7) Press [2, 1] to select "Start" and press [OK].
Card Management
≥Discs may not always be played back
according to the settings on this unit,
as certain playback formats are
Secondary video
prioritized on certain discs.
≥Only the primary video is played during
search/slow-motion or frame-by-frame.
≥When "BD-Video Secondary Audio" in
"Digital Audio Output" is set to "Off",
secondary audio will not be played.
Please check that "BD-Video
Secondary Audio" is set to "On"
≥When the secondary video is turned
off, the secondary audio is not played.
Primary video
≥While using this feature, do not remove
the SD card. Doing so will cause
playback to stop.
≥A message may be displayed when
SD card doesn't have enough storage
capacity for BD-Live content.
Please make space available on the
current SD card, or insert another SD
≥For details about usable cards, refer to
"Media (Disc, card and USB device)
information" (
≥The unit must be connected to the
Internet and set up (
BD-Live functions. "BD-Live Internet
Access" may need to be changed for
certain discs (
≥When discs supporting BD-Live are
played back, the player or disc IDs
may be sent to the content provider via
the Internet. You can restrict Internet
access (
≥The unit is connected to the Internet
when BD-Live functions are used,
generating communication charges.
≥The playback may be paused
depending on the communication
Some functions may be disabled to
prevent skipping to sections that have
not been downloaded, etc.
No. of Files 6
Free space 300 MB
BD-Video Data Erase
Format SD Card
Format this SD Card.
33) to use the
37, "BD-Live Internet


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