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PANASONIC SC-BT205 Operating Instructions Manual Page 39

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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"TV/Device Connection"
TV Aspect
Set to match the type of television connected.
Time Delay*
When connected with a Plasma display, adjust if you
notice the audio is out of sync with the video.
HDMI Connection
≥Press [OK] to show the following settings.
HDMI Video Mode
Select "On" when video is output from HDMI AV
OUT terminal.
HDMI Video Format*
The items supported by the connected devices are
indicated on the screen as "¢". When any item
without "¢" is selected, the images may be
24p Output [BD-V] [DVD-V]
When this unit is connected to a TV supporting
1080/24p output via an HDMI cable, this unit
displays each frame at 1/24 second intervals – the
same interval originally shot with the film camera.
≥When playing DVD-Video, set to "On" and then
set "24p" in "Picture" (
HDMI Output Range
Effective when connected to a device that only
supports RGB output.
HDMI Audio Output
This setting selects whether or not to output audio
from HDMI.
Set to use "HDAVI Control" function when
connected with an HDMI cable to a device that
supports "HDAVI Control".
Power Off Link
Select the desired power off link setting of this unit for
VIERA Link operation (
29). (This works depending
on the settings of the connected VIERA Link "HDAVI
Control" compatible equipment.)
Component Resolution*
This sets the video output resolution when using the
TV System
Change the setting to match the equipment you are
connecting with.
≥If picture output is not smooth, change the setting.
≥When NTSC contents are played, they are
outputted in the signal format specified in the
"NTSC Contents Output", irrespective of the
settings here.
This function has no effect when S.SURROUND is selected during AUX (TV) playback.
In this unit, a P4HD (
56) video processor is used to provide video of optimal resolution to the connected TV.
When connected to a 16:9 widescreen television:
When connected to a 4:3 aspect television:
≥4:3 Letterbox:
≥Auto ≥0ms ≥20ms ≥40ms ≥60ms ≥80ms ≥100ms ≥120ms ≥140ms
When using VIERA Link "HDAVI Control" with "HDAVI Control 3" (or later) compatible
TV ( 29), select "Auto". Audio and video will automatically be set in sync.
–This works only when "BD/DVD", "SD", "USB" "AUX","D-IN1" (DIGITAL
IN 1) or D-IN2" (DIGITAL IN 2) is selected as the source.(
–When outputting 1080p signal, we recommend using High Speed HDMI
Cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover) and are less
than 5.0 meters to prevent video distortion etc.
– To enjoy high definition video up-converted to 1080p, you need to connect the
unit directly to 1080p compatible HDTV (High Definition Television). If this unit is
connected to an HDTV through other equipment, it must also be 1080p
36) to "On".
480i, 480p: When playing NTSC discs
576i, 576p: When playing PAL discs
Even if you select "720p" or "1080i", the video output resolution is
restricted to "576p/480p" when DVD-Video discs, DivX and BD-Video
discs recorded at a rate of 50 field per second are output from the
Video recorded for 4:3 aspect screen is displayed as a
4:3 ratio image in the centre of the screen.
Video recorded for a widescreen is played as Pan & Scan
(unless prohibited by the producer of the disc). When
playing BD-Video, video is output as "4:3 Letterbox".
Video recorded for a widescreen is played in the letterbox
Images are output from the HDMI AV OUT terminal in the resolution set
in "HDMI Video Format". Video from COMPONENT VIDEO OUT
terminal is output as "576i/480i".
Images are output in the resolution set in "Component Resolution".
Automatically selects the output resolution best suited
to the connected television (1080p, 1080i, 720p or
Images in 24p are output in 24p as they are.
–when video is being output at 24 frames, images from any other
terminal than the HDMI AV OUT terminal may not be output
: when images other than 24p are played, images are
output at 60p.
The video is output as it is.
When the black and white contrast of a video is low, the
signal is enhanced to reproduce clear video.
To output audio through the TV's speakers or other devices.
To output audio through system speakers. (The audio is output
using the settings of the main unit.)
Select when you do not want to use "HDAVI Control".
When the TV is turned off, this unit will turn off
When the TV is turned off, this unit will turn off except
during the following conditions:
–audio playback (
[CD] [MP3]
–iPod mode
–radio mode
–"AUX" or "D-IN1" (DIGITAL IN 1) mode (non-selected
TV audio setting for VIERA Link)
–"D-IN2" (DIGITAL IN 2) mode (non-selected TV audio
setting for CABLE/SAT)
Select when connecting to a NTSC television.
Select when connecting to a PAL or multi-system


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