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Accessories; Safety Precautions - PANASONIC SC-BT205 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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≥These operating instructions are applicable to models
SC-BT200 and SC-BT205. Unless otherwise indicated,
illustrations in these operating instructions are for SC-BT205.
≥Please note that the actual controls and components,
menu items, etc. of your Blu-ray Disc Home Theater
Sound System may look somewhat different from those
shown in the illustrations in these Operating
≥Operations in these instructions are described mainly with
the remote control, but you can perform the operations on the
main unit if the controls are the same.


Please check and identify the supplied accessories. Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for
replacement parts.
(Product numbers correct as of March 2009. These may be subject to change.)
∏1 Remote control
∏2 Remote control
∏1 Video cable
∏ 1 FM indoor antenna
∫ Sales and Support Information
Customer Care Centre
≥For customers within the UK: 0844 844 3852
≥For customers within the Republic of Ireland: 01 289 8333
≥Visit our website for product information
Direct Sales at Panasonic UK
≥For customers: 0844 844 3856
≥Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and confidence by phoning our Customer Care Centre
Monday–Thursday 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m., Friday 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (Excluding public holidays)
≥Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at
≥Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
≥All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic UK Ltd.
≥It couldn't be simpler!
≥Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products, take a browse on our website for
further details.
Interested in purchasing an extended guarantee?
Please call 0870 240 6284 or visit our website

Safety precautions

Set the unit up on an even surface away from direct sunlight, high
temperatures, high humidity, and excessive vibration. These
conditions can damage the cabinet and other components, thereby
shortening the unit's service life. Do not place heavy items on the unit.
Do not use high voltage power sources. This can overload the unit and
cause a fire. Do not use a DC power source. Check the source carefully
when setting the unit up on a ship or other place where DC is used.
AC mains lead protection
Ensure the AC mains lead is connected correctly and not damaged.
Poor connection and lead damage can cause fire or electric shock.
Do not pull, bend, or place heavy items on the lead.
Grasp the plug firmly when unplugging the lead. Pulling the AC
mains lead can cause electric shock. Do not handle the plug with
wet hands. This can cause electric shock.
∏ 1 AC mains lead
∏ 1 Speaker cable
≥For use with this unit only.
Do not use it with other
equipment. Also, do not
use cords from other
equipment with this unit.
∏ 2 Speaker cables
∏ 2 Speaker cables
Indicates features applicable to:
[BT205] : SC-BT205 only
Main unit
Front speakers
Centre speaker
Surround speakers
∏ 4 Speaker stands
(with cable)
[RYPX0386-KL (white)]
[RYPX0386-KR (red)]
[RYPX0400-KL (blue)]
[RYPX0400-KR (grey)]
∏ 4 Bases
[REEX0859-L (white)]
[REEX0867A-L (red)]
∏ 16Screws
[REEX0860E-L (blue)]
[REEX0868E-L (grey)]
Foreign matter
Do not let metal objects fall inside the unit. This can cause electric
shock or malfunction.
Do not let liquids get into the unit. This can cause electric shock or
malfunction. If this occurs, immediately disconnect the unit from the
power supply and contact your dealer.
Do not spray insecticides onto or into the unit. They contain
flammable gases which can ignite if sprayed into the unit.
Do not attempt to repair this unit by yourself. If sound is interrupted,
indicators fail to light, smoke appears, or any other problem that is
not covered in these instructions occurs, disconnect the AC mains
lead and contact your dealer or an authorized service centre.
Electric shock or damage to the unit can occur if the unit is repaired,
disassembled or reconstructed by unqualified persons.
Extend operating life by disconnecting the unit from the power
source if it is not to be used for a long time.
[BT200]: SC-BT200 only
∏1 Sheet of speaker
cable stickers
∏1 Auto speaker setup
∏1 Antenna plug


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