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Schematic Drawing Of The Indoor Pipeline And Wiring; Precautions In Pipeline Installation - Haier S110ENF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Table of Contents
Installation instructions

Schematic drawing of the indoor pipeline and wiring

Solar water heater
Tap water
Hot water

Precautions in pipeline installation

1. Any form of modification of the installation structure of the water heater may cause problems in use.
2. There are 5 ways for the heater pipeline to enter the house: flue, exhaust pipe, penetrating hole, special
pipeline well for solar water heater, embedded bushing. Of which the first 3 are relatively popular. Before
installing the pipeline, the installation personnel will discuss the entering way and installation position of the
pipeline with you for your convenient use. During piping, the penetrating hole must have an adverse slope
and be sealed properly to prevent rain and odor from coming into the house.
3. The overflow pipe must be fastened firmly and its indoor opening must be kept downward. The overflow
water can be discharged directly into the sewer. The distance between the opening of the overflow pipe and
the sewer plane should not be more than 15cm. Never hang the overflow pipe arbitrarily as splash of large
amount of overflow water will damage articles in your house.
4. Never install valve in the overflow pipeline to ensure rapid, accurate transfer of Full-of-Water signal.
5. Check valves should be installed on the trunks of water supply and drain pipes that are connected with the tap
water pipe to prevent back flowing of water in the tank.
6. When several water heaters are combined, the installation plan should be validated by a professional service
person of Haier.


Table of Contents

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