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Safety Precautions - Haier S110ENF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Safety precautions

Safety precautions
1. After the vacuum tubes are installed, they should not be sunned empty for long period of time as this will
shorten their service life. If the water heater is not put into use after installation, please shade the tubes with
proper articles.
2. Initial water filling shall be conducted in the morning or at night when there is insufficient sunlight. Filling
water under strong sunshine should be avoided as this will cause explosion of the vacuum tubes.
3. If the water pressure is not high enough, normal water filling will not be realized. Please fit a booster.
4. To avoid burning, do not direct the shower nozzle towards your body while you are adjusting the water
5. The water heater is a non-pressurized water heater. The hot water flows out naturally due to the height
difference between the water tank and the water usage point. The output pressure is proportional to the height
difference. If the height difference is too low, it will not function normally. In this case an effluent booster
should be fitted.
6. When sunshine is not sufficient, to ensure effect, you should avoid using hot water several times in one day.
7. The energy source of this water heater is solar energy. In cloudy, rainy, or snowy days, the temperature of the
water coming from it may not be satisfactory due to insufficient sunshine.
8. Before winter comes, please clean the vacuum tubes and keep their surface clean to improve the heat
collecting effect.
9. The vacuum tubes can withstand low temperature of -70℃ when they are not filled with water. In winter, on
continuous cloudy days or when it is covered with snow, please keep the tank full of water and replace the
low temperature water in it frequently (2 day intervals). Otherwise the vacuum tubes will break when the
water in it freezes.



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