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Haier S110EHF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Solar Water Heater
Please read this manual before usage
Retain it for future reference
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Haier S110EHF

  • Page 1 Solar Water Heater S75EHF S85EHF S110EHF S125EHF S150EHF Please read this manual before usage Retain it for future reference User's Manual S75EHL S85EHL S110EHL S125EHL S150EHL...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Ä ¿ Â ¼ ² ú Æ · Ì Ø µ ã Features Technical data ¼ ¼ Ê õ Ê ý ¾ Ý Parameters Electric parameter Electricity schematic diagram Safety precautions ° ² È « × ¢ Ò â Ê Â Ï î Before use Ó...
  • Page 4: ² Ú Æ · Ì Ø Μ Ã Features

    ¼ ¼ Ê õ ² Î Ê ý Parameters Volume Model useable water(L) S75EHF S85EHF S110EHF S125EHF S150EHF S75EHL S85EHL S110EHL S125EHL S150EHL Note: Allowable error for aperture area: ¼ ¼ Ê õ Ê ý ¾ Ý...
  • Page 5: Electric Parameter

    Features Technical Data ² ú Æ · Ì Ø µ ã ² ú Æ · Ì Ø µ ã Electric parameter 1.Power supply:220V 50Hz 2.Power:1500W 3.Leakage current:10mA/0.1S 4.Waterproof level:IPX4 ¼ ¼ Ê õ ² Î Ê ý Electricity schematic diagram L live wrie(brown line) N: neutral wrie (blue line) RP: Leakage protector...
  • Page 6: ² È « × ¢ Ò Â Ê Â Ï Î Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions ° ² È « × ¢ Ò â Ê Â Ï î Safety precautions ° ² È « × ¢ Ò â Ê Â Ï î When using the water heater with electric heating, ensure that electric heating and electric tracing belt are closed.
  • Page 7: Before Use

    Before use Installation instructions Special tips Prior to installing and using the water heater, please read the following contents carefully. Please retain this manual properly for future reference. 1.Upon unpacking, please check against the packing list in this manual. 2.Improper use of the water heater may cause serious burns. Be sure to take a shower or wash after mixing the hot water with cold water.
  • Page 8: Outline And Installation Dimensions Of The Water Heater

    ° ² × ° Ë µ Ã ÷ È È Ë ® Æ ÷ Í â Ð Î ¼ ° ° ² × ° ³ ß ´ ç Outline and installation dimensions of the water heater Model S75EHF S85EHF S110EHF S125EHF S150EHF S75EHL S85EHL S110EHL...
  • Page 9: Assembling The Bracket

    Installation instructions Assembling the bracket See the attached paper in the bracket packing case for assembly drawing and packing list of the bracket. Securing the bracket 1.Recommend you to secure the legs of the water heater on a foundation with embedded irons.
  • Page 10: Installing The Vacuum Tubes

    Installation instructions Installing the vacuum tubes 1.Before installing, the vacuum tubes should be protected from sunshine. Otherwise you may be burned during installation. 2.Put the wind shroud on a vacuum tube (A). 3.Insert the vacuum tube with even force while rotating to turn it into the seal rings. The direction of the resultant force should be consistent with the axis of the vacuum tube.
  • Page 11: Schematic Drawing Of The Indoor Pipeline And Wiring

    Installation instructions ° ² × ° Ë µ Ã ÷ Schematic drawing of the indoor pipeline and wiring Solar water heater Tap water Hot water Installing the electric heater Electric heater wiring connection 1. Twists 4 bolts of the wiring cover, takes out the wiring cover, and take down the insulating clamp .
  • Page 12: Precautions In Pipeline Installation

    5.Check valves should be installed on the trunks of water supply and drain pipes that are connected with the tap water pipe to prevent back flowing of water in the tank. 6.When several water heaters are combined, the installation plan should be validated by a professional service person .
  • Page 13: Connection Method Of Water Supply Pipeline In The Houses Where A Solar Water Heat Coexists With Another Type Of Water Heater

    ° ² × ° Ë µ Ã ÷ Installation instructions Connection method of water supply pipeline in the houses where a solar water heat coexists with another type of water heater Another type water heater Tap water The operation method: 1.Before using hot water, valves K1, K2 and K3 must be in closed state;...
  • Page 14: Faq

    Ê ¹ Ó Ã Ë µ Ã ÷ Operation instructions Ò É Ä Ñ ½ â ´ ð Possible reasons Troubles The water tank becomes empty No outlet water Disconnection or blockage of the pipeline or joints Broken vacuum tube(s) No water comes Water supply is stopped or water from the overflow...
  • Page 16 Rev: 1 Specific number: 0040502052A...