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Haier Sea Elephant PJF2-150W User Manual

Haier Sea Elephant PJF2-150W User Manual

Solar water heater


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Certificate of Quality
Rev 01
specific number 0040570098
Sea Elephant
Solar water heater
Please read this manual carefully before use
Please keep this manual for future reference.
User s Manual


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Summary of Contents for Haier Sea Elephant PJF2-150W

  • Page 1 Sea Elephant Solar water heater User s Manual Certificate of Quality PJF2-150W Checker BRF2-150W Please read this manual carefully before use Rev 01 Please keep this manual for future reference. specific number 0040570098...
  • Page 2 Note Correct disposal of this product: This marking means that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes . To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health f r o m u n c o n t r o l l e d w a s t e d i s p o s a l , r e c y c l e i t responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of m a t e r i a l r e s o u r c e s .
  • Page 3: Notes For Usage

    Notes for usage Content Features Features Electric circuit diagram Electric circuit diagram How to solve Phenomenon Please check Technical data Technical data Check Is water supply failed or water pressure too low? No water output System structure Check and clean Is water exit blocked?Is hot water valve opened? Technical parameter Technical parameter...
  • Page 4: Electric Circuit Diagram

    Notes for usage Features Features Electric circuit diagram Features the serving person. Features 8.When the system runs continually over one month, you are suggested to 1.Home water heater: check regularly whether the deviation of the clock is large so as to adjust the Collector equipment is aslant installed on the rooftop and perfectly integrated clock promptly and ensure that the preset and intellectual heating modes with building, match the building standard and fashion nowadays.
  • Page 5: Use Method

    3. In order to ensure excellent running of solar water heater, you are suggested to keep the controller electrified constantly and keep it working under the Fig.2 PJF2-150W structure sketch map solar energy heating mode. Fig.1 BRF2-150W structure sketch map 4.In normal use, the tap water entrance valve of water-storing tank should be...
  • Page 6 Collector equipment Fig.12 Temperature setting interface for condition. Note: accessories of BRF2-150W and PJF2-150W products are suitable only for oblique The first time preset heating Preset heating mode: installment. For flat installment, prop stand of different angles should be made according to requirements, which is not included in the packing accessories.The part of after which...
  • Page 7 Use method Particular warning Attentions in installment Particular warning Particular warning sensor malfunction alarm of water-storing tank (E4), etc. When these problems happen, the system will display malfunction code E1~E4. The To ensure that customers can use water heater properly and safely, we above malfunction protection is non-restorable and therefore, the system can seriously inform customers that you must contact the appointed professional only normally run after malfunction is eliminated and the electricity is re-...
  • Page 8: Installation

    Pay attention that the steel wire rope is strained and the bolt is rivet firmly. 2. Introduction of other functions Take the installment of solar water heater of PJF2-150W as an example. For A. The system has a function of electricity-loss memory and that of automatic the sketch map of installment, please see Fig.5.
  • Page 9 Close the mixing Fig.6 Solar stage pothook fixing size(unit:mm) Fig.5 Installment sketch map of PJF2-150W valve when water flows out continuously from the showerhead or other outlets (the tank is full). Check connections are free of water leakage, and insert the Installment of water-storing tank power plug.
  • Page 10 Introduction for the controller Installation Installation Installation On Outdoors circulating liquid-returning of collector,and the direction of To fill up the tank Single direction valve2 and circulating liquid-returning pipe must be To open water-exiting valve of hot water and to fill water into the tank,through same,please see Fig1-Fig.2 cold water meatus of tap water.

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