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Pipeline Connection - Haier PJF2-200 Operating Instruction

Solar water heater
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Table of Contents
Installation introduction
Connection of solar collector temperature sensor
Find solar collector temperature sensor on the corresponding interface on the power plate.
Cut it at the position where is 150mm away from the terminal and strip the wire. (connect
another lead according to the actual installation distance between solar collector and
solar station. And the lead dimensions shall be: 2XAWG24 (2X0.2mm
resistant to the temperature above 80°C.) Stick the connection with the insulating tape.
Place the sensor probe into the blind pipe at the outlet vent of solar collector and insert
it to the bottom to ensure reliable contact with the measured point. Band the sensor wire
along the pipe. And disconnected points of lead must be avoided to be in outdoor
environment to prevent corrosion and oxidation due to rain.
Schematic diagram of wiring position of solar collector temperature sensor (unit: mm)

Pipeline Connection

Measure the distance from the solar collector inlet to the expansion tank and the distance
from the solar collector outlet to the storage water tank circular outlet.
Prepare corresponding pipe material according to the measured dimension, and equipped
with the insulating layer.
Connect the solar collector inlet and the expansion tank tee joint as well as the solar
collector outlet and storage water tank inlet by the prepared pipe material.
The check valve is installed at the circular discharge pipe of the outdoor solar collector, and
the direction of the check valve shall be consistent with the flow direction of the liquid.
Haier solar water heater
cut off connection here
) and it must be


Table of Contents

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