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Electrolux EDH6370 User Information page 17

Condensation dryer
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6. To clean the filter mat:
Remove filter mat from filter housing. To do this,
press the pressure points on the sides and pull the
filter mat and frame up and out of the housing.
7. Take the filter mat out of the frame and wash it by
hand or use a vacuum cleaner, when it is has dried
out. Fluff, which has become stuck in the filter mat
and has not been removed by washing, does not
affect the function.
8. Insert the filter mat in the frame and then insert
with the frame into the filter housing.
Important: The filter mat must engage tightly
with the frame. Check that the mat is sitting
snuggly in the frame, especially after inserting
it into the filter housing.
9. As necessary, approx. once every 6 months, re-
move the fluff from the heat exchanger using the
sponge supplied. When doing this, please use rub-
ber gloves.
Tip: The fluff can be removed more easily if it is first
dampened e. g. with a laundry dampener.
10.Re-insert filter housing with frame and filter mat in
the base of the appliance.
Note: If the filter mat and frame are not inserted in the
filter housing, the filter housing cannot be pushed
into the base of the appliance.
11.Close door in plinth.
SOCKEL) only goes out when the programme
knob has been positioned to OFF.



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