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Before The First Drying Cycle; Sorting And Preparing Laundry - Electrolux EDH6370 User Information

Condensation dryer
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Before the first drying cycle

If the appliance was not transported in an up-
right position, leave it to stand for 12 hours be-
fore connecting it to the electricity supply and
using it for the first time, so that the oil can
flow back to the compressor. Otherwise the
compressor could be damaged.
1. In order to remove any residue which may have
been produced during production, wipe the dryer
drum with a damp cloth or undertake a brief drying
cycle (30 MIN) with damp cloths.

Sorting and preparing laundry

Sorting laundry
• Sort by fabric type:
– Cotton/linen for programmes in COTTONS
(BAUMWOLLE) programme group.
– Mixtures and synthetics for programmes in EASY
CARES (MISCHGEWEBE) programme group.
• Sorting by care label. The care labels mean:
Basic drying in tumble
dryer possible
• Do not dry new, coloured textiles together with
light-coloured laundry items. Textile colours may
• Do not dry tricot or knitted items with the EXTRA
DRY (EXTRA TROCKEN) programme. Items may
become stuck!
• Wool and wool-like textiles can be dried using the
WOOL (WOLLE) programme. Before the drying cy-
cle spin the woollen textiles as well as possible
(max. 1200 rpm). Only dry woollen textiles together
which are similar or the same with respect to mate-
rial, colour and weight. Please dry heavy laundry
items made of wool separately.
Preparing laundry
• To avoid laundry becoming tangled: Close zips,
button up coverings and tie loose bands or ribbons
(e.g. of aprons).
• Empty pockets. Remove metallic items (paper-
clips, safety pins etc).
• Turn items with double-layered fabrics inside out
(e.g. with cotton-lined anoraks, the cotton layer
should be outermost). These fabrics will then dry
Drying at
Drying at
reduced temperature
Drying in tumble
dryer not



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