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Instructions For Use; Safety - Electrolux EDH6370 User Information

Condensation dryer
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Instructions for use



Before first starting up
• Note the "Installation and connection instruc-
• Before first starting up, check the machine for any
damage incurred during transport. Never connect
up a damaged machine. If parts are damaged,
contact your supplier.
Intended use
• The dryer is intended for drying standard laundry in
domestic applications.
• Conversions or modifications to the dryer are not
• The laundry must not contain flammable solvents
(benzene, alcohol, stain remover, etc.) . Risk of fire
and/or explosion! Laundry which has come into
contact with such substances must be rinsed thor-
oughly by hand before drying.
• When using dry-cleaning sets: Only use those
products which are declared as suitable for the
dryer by the manufacturer.
• Do not place items of laundry in the dryer which
contain foam rubber or materials similar to rubber.
Risk of fire!
• Do not place heavily worn laundry items in the dry-
er. Risk of fire!
• Do not place laundry items with loose fillings (e.g.
cushions) in the dryer. Risk of fire!
• Parts with rigid components (e.g. door mats) may
cover the air slots. Risk of fire! Do not place such
items in the dryer.
• Do not overfill the dryer. Risk of fire! Observe max.
loading volume of 6 kg.
• Ensure that explosive objects (e.g. cigarette light-
ers, spray cans, etc.) do not enter the dryer with
the laundry. Risk of fire and/or explosion!
• Risk of fire: items that have been spotted or
soaked with vegetable or cooking oil constitute a
fire hazard and should not be placed in the tumble
• If you have washed your laundry with stain remover
you must execute an extra rinse cycle before load-
ing your tumble dryer.
• Clean the micro-fine filter and fine strainer after
each drying cycle.
• Do not use the machine if there are no lint filters or
if these are damaged. Risk of fire!
• Clean the fluff filter in the base of the appliance
• With stacked washer and dryer: Do not place ob-
jects on the dryer. These may fall off during opera-
• The covering bonnet of the bulb for the drum light
must be screwed down tightly.
Child safety
• Keep packaging away from children. Risk of suffo-
• Children can often not see the dangers associated
with electric machines. Never leave unsupervised
children near the dryer.
• Ensure that children and small animals cannot
climb into the dryer's drum. Risk of death! Keep
the dryer door shut whenever it is not being used.
General safety
• Only specialists may undertake repairs on the dry-
• Never start up the dryer if the mains cable is dam-
aged or if the operating screen, operating plate or
base area are damaged so that the inside of the
machine is open and accessible.
• Switch off the dryer before all cleaning, care or
maintenance work. Also disconnect the mains plug
from the socket or – with permanent connections –
switch off the LS switch in the fuse box and/or fully
unscrew the screwed-in fuse.
• Disconnect the machine from the power supply
during long pauses in operations.
• When removing from the socket, never pull the
mains plug by the cable, instead take a hold of the
• Manifold plugs, couplings and extension cables
must not be used. Risk of fire from overheating!
• Do not spray down the dryer with jets of water.
Risk of electric shock!
• Do not lean on the open door. The machine may tip
• Once the drying cycle has been interrupted, the
laundry and drum may be hot. Risk of burns! Take
care when removing the laundry.



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