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Electrical Connection; Changing Door Stop - Electrolux EDH6370 User Information

Condensation dryer
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If the appliance was not transported in an up-
right position, leave it to stand for 12 hours be-
fore connecting it to the electricity supply and
using it for the first time, so that the oil can
flow back to the compressor. Otherwise the
compressor could be damaged.

Electrical connection

Details on mains voltage, type of current and the fus-
es required should be taken from the type plate. The
type plate is fitted near the loading aperture (see
"Machine description" section).
The power supply cable must be accessible after installing the machine.

Changing door stop

Warning! The door stop may only be changed
by a specialist. If necessary, please contact
our after-sales service or your specialist deal-
Warning! Before changing the door stop, dis-
connect the mains plug; with a permanent
connection: fully unscrew or deactivate the
1. Open loading door
2. Unscrew hinge A from the front of the machine and
take off the loading door.
3. Remove cover plates B and C. To do this, insert a
thin screwdriver into the slots as shown in the illus-
tration, press downwards slightly and pry out the
cover plates.
4. Use an appropriate tool and exert pressure to un-
fasten locking block D from the snap-on fixture,
take out and reinsert on the other side, having ro-
tated the block through 180°.
5. Unscrew hinge A from the loading door, rotate
through 180°, reinsert on the opposite side and
screw down.
6. Reinsert cover plates B and C on the opposite site
having first rotated them through 180°.



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