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Drying; Switching Machine On / Switching Light On; Opening Loading Door; Loading Laundry - Electrolux EDH6370 User Information

Condensation dryer
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Switching machine on /
switching light on
Turn the programme selector to any programme or
turn it to LIGHT (BELEUCHTUNG). The machine has
been switched on. When the loading door is opened,
the drum is illuminated.

Opening loading door /

loading laundry

1. Open loading door:
Use force to push against the loading door (push
2. Load your laundry (do not force it in).
Caution! Do not jam laundry in between the
loading door and rubber seal.
3. Close loading door securely. Lock must audibly

Selecting the programme

Use the programme selector to set the programme
you require.
The probable programme run time is displayed (in
minutes) on the multi-display.
With the programme knob position WOOL/SILK
(WOLLE/SEIDE), the desired programme can be se-
lected with the WOOL (WOLLE) or SILK (SEIDE) but-
tons. If no button is pressed, the WOOL (WOLLE)
programme is automatically set.



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