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Setting Time Delay; Starting The Programme; Changing Programme; Putting In Extra Items Or Taking Items Out Before End Of Programme - Electrolux EDH6370 User Information

Condensation dryer
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Setting time delay

ton, you can delay the start of a programme by
between 30 minutes (30' and a maximum of
23 hours (23h).
1. Select the programme
2. Press the DELAY TIMER (ZEITVORWAHL) button
as many times as necessary until the required start
delay appears on the multi display, e.g. 12h if the
programme is to be started in 12 hours. The DE-
LAY TIMER (ZEITVORWAHL) display is illuminated.
If 23h is displayed and you press the button
again, the time delay will be cancelled. The
display will show 0' and then the duration of
the selected programme.
3. To activate the delay timer, press the START/
PAUSE button. The amount of time remaining until
the programme is set to start is continuously dis-
played (e.g. 12h, 11h, 10h, ... 30
Until the start of the programme the drum is
moved at longish intervals to loosen the laun-

Starting the programme

Press the START/PAUSE button. The programme is
The programme progress display and the display
showing the level of dryness show drying progress.

Changing programme

To change a programme which has been selected by
mistake once the programme has started, first turn
the programme selector to OFF (AUS) and then reset
the programme.
The programme can no longer be changed di-
rectly once the programme has started. If nev-
ertheless there is an attempt to change the
programme on the programme knob, the pro-
gramme progress display and the mainte-
nance indicators flash. If an option button
(excluding the AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL)
button) is pressed, Err appears in the multi-
display. The drying programme is not however
affected by this (laundry protection).
Putting in extra items or
taking items out before end
of programme
1.Open door.
Warning! Laundry and drum can become hot
Risk of bums!
2.Load or remove laundry items.
3.Close door securely.
4.Press the START/PAUSE button to continue the
drying cycle.
Drying cycle complete / re-
moving laundry
Once the drying cycle is complete, the END (ENDE)
light up. If the AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) button
has been pressed, an audible signal sounds intermit-
The drying cycles (except for the WOOL pro-
gramme) are automatically followed by a
crease guard phase which lasts around 30
minutes. The drum rotates in intervals during
this phase. The laundry thereby remains re-
laxed and free of creases. The laundry can be
removed at any time during the crease guard
phase. (The laundry should be taken out to-
wards the end of the crease guard phase at
the latest to prevent creases from forming.)
has been selected, the anti-crease phase is
lengthened by 60 minutes.
1.Open loading door
2.Before removing the laundry, remove lint from the
micro-fine filter. It is best to use a damp hand for
this purpose (refer to "Cleaning and maintenance"
3.Remove laundry.
4.Turn the programme selector to OFF (AUS).
Important! After each drying cycle
– clean the micro-fine filter and fine strainer,
– drain the condensate tank
(refer to the "Cleaning and maintenance" section).
5.Close loading door.



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