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Sgconfig Firmware Options - GE D20MX User Manual

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Configuration file

SGConfig firmware options

12. Click Next.
Result: The hardware and other properties appear for the device.
13. Click Processor tab > Code Image sub-tab.
14. Click the button with the ellipsis (...).
Result: The Select Flash image file dialog appears.
15. Navigate to the folder containing the appl.out file and optional vxWorks file.
16. Select the appl.out file and click Open.
Result: The full pathname of the appl.out file appears in the Flash Image File box.
17. Click Next.
18. Click Finish.
Result: The project's Main Page appears with the D20MX device selected.
19. Click the ribbon Communications group > Firmware transfer.
Result: Warning message appears and confirmation to continue is requested.
20. Acknowledge the warning and click Yes to continue or No to abort the operation.
Result: If Yes is selected, a Login dialog appears. If No is selected, the operation is
21. Enter a User Name that has Maintenance or Read/Write access. Enter the associated
Result: The firmware transfer takes place. A dialog indicating the transfer and reboot is
taking place is presented. The unit is rebooted once the transfer finishes. Once the
reboot completes, the dialog disappears. The whole operation can take up to 8
The flash memory of the D20MX now has the new application and optional operating
system image file loaded.
You can use standard SGConfig procedures to download a configuration file over the
The D20MX is available with two different SGConfig firmware options:
The SAN0001 option contains the latest versions of all applications and should be
used in all new configurations.
The SAN0002 option contains previous versions of Mailbox DTA and DNP V3.00 DPA.
This allows for seamless migration from older D20ME firmware.
The actual firmware on the D20MX supports both SGConfig firmware options. Accordingly,
there is no need to perform a firmware transfer to change the D20MX firmware when
changing between SGConfig firmware options.
See section: "D20MX applications" on page 16 for a list of the automation applications
provided with these two firmware options.
The D20MX firmware's ability to support multiple SGConfig firmware options is being
provided in release 1.0, but is not expected to be continued in future releases.


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