Toshiba SD-M1212 - DVD-ROM Drive - IDE Specifications

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MARCH 1999
REV. 1.0
Specifications are subject to change without notice



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  • Page 1 DISK PRODUCTS SD-M1212 DVD-ROM DRIVE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION MARCH 1999 REV. 1.0 Specifications are subject to change without notice DOCUMENT NUMBER 11899...
  • Page 2 1.This product has no over-current protection circuit. System should have appropriate over-current protection. Toshiba Corporation makes no warranty of damages caused by no over-current protection. 2.This has a little possibility of errors. To prevent damages and injury caused by the above, careful consideration for the safety and integrity should be taken in the system design.
  • Page 3 11. As for mounting bracket to incorporate this product into an equipment, (1) When this product is incorporated into an equipment by using the mounting screw holes in the right and left side planes, the clearance between this product and the mounting bracket is too wide; (2) When this product is incorporated into an equipment by using the mounting screw hole in the bottom, the surface of the mounting bracket is contorted.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2. Features -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 3. Specifications ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 3.1. Performance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 3.2. Environmental Conditions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2.1. Temperature and Humidity ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2.2. Dust and Dirt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 3.2.3. Vibration ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2.4. Atmospheric Pressure and Altitude -------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2.5.
  • Page 6 7.2. Current Drain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 7.2.1.Sleep -------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 7.2.2. Standby ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 7.2.3. Continuous Read ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 7.2.4. Idle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 7.2.5. Average ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 7.2.6. Maximum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 7.2.7. Peak in executing Access --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 8. CD Audio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 8.1.
  • Page 7: Introduction

    1. Introduction This document describes TOSHIBA's SD-M1212 DVD-ROM Drive. This drive supports DVD CSS (Contents Scramble Systems) Disc. This drive reads digital data stored on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD audio discs. DVD-ROM disc spec (DVD-ROM Book) defines 120 mm and 80 mm in diameter, single and dual layers as recording layer structure and single and double sides as recording side.
  • Page 8 Matters to be attended to: This drive adopts RPC-II for its “Standard Specification Model”. This DVD-ROM Drive adopts RPC-II, the Phase II System of RPC (Regional Playback Control) for “Standard Specification Model”, on the basis of a contract with the CSS (Contents Scramble System) organization. (All of our former DVD-ROM Drives adopted RPC-I, the Phase I System.) The CSS rule requires that all the products not only DVD-ROM Drives but also PC systems installing DVD-ROM Drives sold from Jan.1, 2000 need to support RPC-II described above.
  • Page 10: Specifications

    3. Specifications 3.1.Performance (1) Applicable Disc * DVD: DVD-ROM (DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18), DVD-R (read) CD : CD-DA, CD+(E)G, CD-MIDI, CD-TEXT, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video-CD) Multisession CD (Phto-CD, CD-EXTRA, CD-R, CD-RW), CD-R (read), CD-RW (read) (2) Data Capacity User Data/Block DVD-ROM: 2,048 Byte/Block CD-ROM : 2,048 Byte/Block (Mode 1)
  • Page 11 (5) Access Time Average Random Access Time DVD:* 110 ms Typ CD:* 85 ms Typ Average Random Seek Time DVD:* 90 ms Typ CD:* 80 ms Typ Average Full Stroke Access Time DVD:* 210 ms Typ CD:* 140 ms Typ (6) Spin up Time ( Focus Search Time and Disc Motor Start up Time ) DVD: 1.4 s Typ...
  • Page 14 Figure 2 External Dimensions ( Unit: mm ) 8/28 SD-M1212 Rev.1.0...
  • Page 15: Reliabilities

    3.5. Reliabilites 3.5.1. Error Rate (1) Hard Read Error Rate (Byte Error Rate) ----- Allowing 5 Retries(default) ----- DVD: Mode 1:10 Mode 2:10 (2) Seek Error Rate --- Allowing 5 Retries (default) 3.5.2. MTBF 100,000 h Assumptions: Power On Hours 5,436 h/year On/Off Cycles 313 cycles/year...
  • Page 16 Control Figure 3 Configuration 10/28 SD-M1212 Rev.1.0...
  • Page 17: Functions

    5.Functions 5.1. Disc Data Configurations 5.1.1. DVD-ROM Data Configurations Figure 4 shows how data is constructed in the case of dual layer/parallel track data DVD disc. The DVD spec defines the single layer, the dual layer/opposite and parallel track disc, that the DVD-ROM drive supports.
  • Page 18: Power On/Off Timing

    5.2. Power ON/OFF Timing Figure 6 shows the initialization sequence Power ON or ATAPI-RST Max. 200 ms "Command" Receivable System Initialization Max. 3 s Focus Search Max. 4 s Spindle ON Learning CD:Typ. 12 s, DVD 2 Layer Typ. 10 s, Max.60 s (Single Session Disc) "Read-Command"...
  • Page 19: Signal Summary

    6.2.Signal summary The physical interface consists of single ended TTL compatible receivers and drivers communicating through a 40P-connector as shown in Figure 12 "Interface connector". 6.2.1. Signal Specification Figure 7 shows the Signal Specifications Receivers/Drivers Caracteristics withoutExternal pullup Resistor NOTE Type Sig.
  • Page 20: Timing Of Host Interface (Pio)

    6.2.2. Timing of Host Interface (PIO) Figure 8 shows the Host Interface Timings. Address valid*1 DIOR-/DIOW- Write data valid*2 Read data valid*2 IOCS16- IORDY *1:Device Address consists of signals CS0-, CS1-, and DA2-0 *2:Data consists of DD0-15 (16-bit) or DD0-7 (8-bit) PIO timing parameters min(ns) max(ns) Min Time (ns)
  • Page 21: Timing Of Host Interface (Dma Single)

    6.2.3.Timing of Host Interface (DMA Single) Figure 9 shows the Host Interface DMA single word Timings DMARQ DMACK-*1 DIOR-/DIOW-*1 Read DD0-15 Write DD0-15 *1: In all timing diagrams, the low line indicator negated, and the upper line indicators asserted. Single word DMA Min time (ns) Max time...
  • Page 22: Timing Of Host Interface (Dma Multi)

    6.2.4.Timing of Host Interface (DMA Multi) Figure 10 shows the Host Interface DMA multi word Timings DMARQ DMACK-*1 DIOR-/DIOW-*1 Read DD0-1 Write DD0-1 *1: In all timing diagrams, the low line indicator negated, and the upper line indicators asserted. Multi word DMA Min time (ns) Max time...
  • Page 23: Timing Of Host Interface (Ultra Dma)

    6.2.5.Timing of Host Interface (Ultra DMA) Figure 11 shows the Host Interface Ultra DMA Timings 2CYC 2CYC STROBE DIOR/IORDY DD (15:0) Send STROBE IORDY/DIOR DD (15:0) Recive Note: DD (15:0) and DSTROBE signals are shown at both the host and the device to emphasize that cable setting time as well as cable propagation delay shall not allow signal to be considered stable at the host unit some time after they are drive by the device.
  • Page 24: Connector

    6.3. Connector Figure 12 shows the mixture connector (Interface/Power supply) Table 2 shows Interface connector pin assignment. power supply connector PIN #1 : 12 V PIN #2 : GND PIN #3 : GND PIN #4 : +5 V 56.38 13.21 21.18 2.54 (2.4)
  • Page 25 HOST SIGNAL NAME PIN NO. I / O SIGNAL NAME Reset - Host Reset Host Data Bus BIT 7 I / O Host Data Bus BIT 8 I / O Host Data Bus BIT 6 I / O Host Data Bus BIT 9 I / O Host Data Bus BIT 5 I / O...
  • Page 26: Support Command List

    6.4. Support Command List ATAPI Packet Command for DVD-ROM Devices OP Code Command Description Test Unit Ready Rezero Request Sense Inquiry Start Stop Unit Receive Diagnostics Results Send Diagnostic Prevent / Allow Medium Removal Read Format Capacities Read C / DVD Capacity Read (10) Seek Read Subchannel...
  • Page 27: Power Requirements

    ATA Command for ATAPI DVD-ROM Devices OP Code Command Description ATAPI Soft Reset 20/21h Read Sector (s) Execute Drive Diagnostics ATAPI Packet Command ATAPI Identify Device Standby Immediate Idle Immediate Standby Idle Check Power Mode Sleep ATA Identify Device Set Feature 7.
  • Page 28: Cd Audio

    8.CD Audio (Test condition: Ordinary temperature) 8.1. Analog Out --- in case of the attenuator is set at 0 dB by the command --- (1) Output Level 0.85 V (rms Typ) (2) Type Unbalanced (3) Load Impedance 47 kOHM min (4) Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/-3 dB (5) Distortion...
  • Page 29: Device Configuration Jumper

    9. Device Configuration Jumper 9.1. Device configuration jumper (MODE SELECT) The device configuration jumper is a 6-pin, right angle and header (Molex P/N70203 or equivalent) with three marked positions. Drive CSEL Cable CSEL Figure 14 (a) Use CS (CSEL) The device shall use the host interface signal CSEL to configure the device. (b) MA (Master): Default Position The device shall use for the Master.
  • Page 30: Busy Indicator

    10. Busy Indicator The LED of Front Bezel indicates the drive status. (Busy Indicator) (1) After Tray is closed, Busy Indicator start blinking at 0.8 s intervals, and then ----- (1-1) Turns off when the drive in the 'Idle' status. 0.8 s Light Off Figure 15 Idle...
  • Page 31: Connections

    11.Connection 11.1. Power Supply Cable (1) Housing AMP JAPAN P/N 1-480424-0 or equivalent (2) Contact AMP JAPAN P/N 170148-2 or equivalent (3) Cable Length AWG 28 Max. 2 m 11.2. Interface Cable (1) Connector ATAPI specification (2) Cable 40 core type Specific Impedance 100 OHM +/-10 % (without shield) Length...
  • Page 32: Safety Standards/Agency Approvals

    13.Safety Standards/Agency Approvals (1) Safety EN60950 UL 1950 CAN/CSA-22.2 No.950 (2) Laser FDA CFR21, EN60825 (3) CE EN50081-1 : 1992 [Residential, commercial & light industry] EN55022+A2 : 1995+1997 [Class B] EN55082-1 : 1997 [Residential, commercial & light industry] EN61000-4-2+A1 : 1995+1998 [CD:4 kV, ID: 4 kV, AD:8 kV] EN61000-4-3 : 1996 [3 V/m, 80-1000 MHz, 1 kHz 80 % AM ] ENV50204...
  • Page 33 Options: None Toshiba declares that the above mentioned product(s) with or without the listed options comply to the EU-Directives and standards as listed on page 2. Last two digits of the year in which the CE mark affixed : 98...
  • Page 34 28/28 SD-M1212 Rev.1.0...
  • Page 35 Deviation List Page Item Rev # 0.7 Rev # 1.0 1.Introduction None This drive adopts RPC-II for its ..Refer to the precation..Matters to be attended to None This drive adopts RPC-II for its..(5) Access Time Average Randam Access... DVD: 120 ms Typ DVD: 110 ms Typ BLOCK DIAGRAM...