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Introduction - Toshiba SD-M1212 - DVD-ROM Drive - IDE Specifications

Dvd-rom drive
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1. Introduction

This document describes TOSHIBA's SD-M1212 DVD-ROM Drive.
This drive supports DVD CSS (Contents Scramble Systems) Disc.
This drive reads digital data stored on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD audio discs.
DVD-ROM disc spec (DVD-ROM Book) defines 120 mm and 80 mm in diameter, single and dual layers
as recording layer structure and single and double sides as recording side.
Maximum storage capacities are 4.38 GBytes and 15.9 GBytes for single layer/single side and
dual layer/double side respectively. (1 GByte=2
Due to these high capacity and high data transfer rate of 1352 KBytes/sec, DVD-ROM discs are
capable to store high quality and long duration MPEG-2 moving picture data. (1 KByte=2
This drive reads digital data stored on DVD-ROM discs at maximum 6 times faster rotaional speed.
This drive reads digital data stored on CD-ROM discs at maximun 32 times faster rotational speed.
This drive is a new generation drive with highest performance such as 110 ms(DVD)/85 ms(CD)
Access Time.
This drive offers long life and durability because the disc is read by a LASER, thereby eliminating
physical contact with the disc.
This drive supports SFF-8020i of ATAPI (ATA Packet Interface ) spec. and SFF-8090 Ver.2 (Fuji2) of DVD
This drive shows a highest performance such as100,000 hour MTBF.
This drive can be used in a vertical position or horizontal position.
This drive adopts RPC-II for its "Standard Specification Model".
Refer to the precation of the next page for the RPC-II.
SD-M1212 Rev.1.0



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