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Busy Indicator - Toshiba SD-M1212 - DVD-ROM Drive - IDE Specifications

Dvd-rom drive
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10. Busy Indicator

The LED of Front Bezel indicates the drive status. (Busy Indicator)
(1) After Tray is closed, Busy Indicator start blinking at 0.8 s intervals, and then -----
(1-1) Turns off when the drive in the 'Idle' status.
0.8 s
(1-2) Continuously off when no disc is mounted.
0.8 s
(1-3) Continuously on when media has problem
0.8 s
(2) When playing an audio track, Busy Indicator is blinking at 1.6 s intervals.
1.6 s
(3) When performing 'Data Access' and during 'Data Transfer' Busy Indicator keeps turn On.
Light On
Light Off
Figure 15 Idle
Light Off
Figure 16 No disc
Light On
Figure 17 Media Problem
Figurer 18 CD-Audio playback
Figurer 19 Data Access and Data Transfer
SD-M1212 Rev.1.0



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