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Toreplace thetop rack
1. Place t herollers o neach sideoftherack intotherack tracks
andpush therack back.
2. Align theopen side oftheclipwiththeinside edge oftherack
3. Push theridges a ndslide thecliptoward t heoutside r ack
edge until i tlocks intoplace.
4. Repeat ontheother s ide.
5. Pull t herack outallofthewaytoensure c lips arefully seated.
Flexible tines
The row of tines on the left-hand and right-hand sides of the top
rack can be adjusted to make room for a variety of dishes.
To adjust the left-hand side
1. Grasp the tip of the tine that is in the tine holder in the front of
the rack.
2. Gently push the tine out of the holder.
3. Lay the tines down, toward the center of the rack.
To adjust the right-hand
1. Grasp the tip of the tine that is in the tine holder in the front of
the rack.
2. Gently push the tine out of the tine holder.
3. Move the tines to the left to make room for larger dishes.
Move the tines to the right to wedge plastic or other
lightweight items against the side of the rack.
The bottom rack is designed for plates, pans, casseroles, and
utensils. Many items, up to 13" (33 cm) tall, fit in the bottom rack.
(See recommended
loading patterns shown.)
NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary from the
drawings shown.
10 place setting
Do not load glasses, cups, or lightweight plastic items in the
bottom rack. Load small items in the bottom rack only if they
are secured in place.
Load plates, soup bowls, etc., between tines.
Overlap the edges of plates for large loads.
Load soup, cereal, and serving bowls in the rack in a variety
of ways depending
upon their size and shape. Load bowls
securely between the rows of tines. Do not nest bowls
because the spray will not reach all surfaces.
No-flip clips
The no-flip clips hold lightweight plastic items such as cups, lids,
or bowls in place during washing.
12 place setting
Load cookie sheets, cake pans, and other large items at the
sides and back. Loading such items in front can keep the
water spray from reaching the detergent dispenser.
Secure heavily soiled cookware face down in the rack.
Make sure pot handles and other items do not stop rotation
of the spray arm(s). The spray arm(s) must move freely.
Do not load items between the bottom rack and the side of
the dishwasher tub because they might block the water inlet
To move a clip
1. Pull the clip up and off the tine.
2. Reposition the clip on another tine.



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