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Kenmore 665.16712 Use & Care Manual

Kenmore dishwasher user manual.
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Ultra Wash Dishwasher
Lavavajillas Ultra Wash
Ultra Wash
665.16712, 665.16714, 665.16717, 665.16719
il II
Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2B8


   Summary of Contents for Kenmore 665.16712

  • Page 1

    ® Ultra Wash Dishwasher Lavavajillas Ultra Wash Lave-vaisselle Ultra Wash Models/Modelos/Mod_les 665.16712, 665.16714, 665.16717, 665.16719 il II 3384533 Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. www.sears.com Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2B8 www.sears.ca...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Sears appliances and having the parts, tools, and equipment to ensure that we meet our pledge to you..."We Service What We Sell." Maintain the value of your KENMORE ®Dishwasher with a Sears Maintenance Agreement. Sears dishwashers are designed, manufactured, and tested for years of dependable operation.

  • Page 3: Warranty

    TUB MODELS, AGAINST TUB AND INNER DOOR PANEL For the life of the dishwasher, if a leak should occur as a result of failure of the polypropylene tub or inner door panel due to cracking, chipping or peeling, Sears will replace free of charge the tub or inner door panel.

  • Page 4: Dishwasher Safety

    Use the dishwasher only for its intended function. • Use only detergents or rinse agents recommended for use in a dishwasher, and keep them out of the reach of children. • When loading items to be washed: 1) Locate sharp items so that they are not likely to damage the door seal;...

  • Page 5

    Your Dishwasher" in the "Dishwasher Care" section for winter storage information. • Install and level dishwasher on a floor that will hold the weight, and in an area suitable for its size and use. • Remove all shipping plugs from hoses and connectors as the cap on the drain outlet) before installing.

  • Page 6: Parts And Features

    14. Silverware basket OPTIONS HITEMP QUICK D_R_ LOCKON 15. Model and serial number label 16. ULTRA WASH® module 17. Overfill protection float 18. Detergent dispenser 19. Rinse aid dispenser Other features your dishwasher may have NO-FUP clips HOURS WASHING HEAIqN6 ORyING CLEAN...

  • Page 7: Start-up Guide

    3. Add detergent and check the rinse aid dispenser. Add nnse aid if needed. (See "Dishwasher chamber. Push door firmly closed. The door latches automatically. hot water at the sink nearest your dishwasher until the water is hot. (See "Dishwasher Press the desired cycle and option selections. (See "Dishwasher...

  • Page 8: Dishwasher Loading

    NOTE: For built-in models, keep sink drain plugs closed during dishwasher operation to prevent noise transfer through drains. The top rack is designed for cups, glasses, and smaller items. (See recommended NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary from the drawings shown. and other hard •...

  • Page 9

    (See recommended loading patterns shown.) NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary from the drawings shown. 10 place setting Do not load glasses, cups, or plastic items in the bottom rack.

  • Page 10: Dishwasher Use, Detergent Dispenser

    DISHWASHER USE or table. The detergent dispenser has 2 sections. The Pre-Wash section empties detergent into the dishwasher when you close the door. The larger Main Wash section automatically into the dishwasher during the main wash. (See the "Cycle Selection Chart.") •...

  • Page 11: Rinse Aid Dispenser

    120°F (49°C) as it enters the dishwasher. Loads may not wash as well if the water temperature is too low. To check water temperature 1. Run hot water at the faucet closest to your dishwasher for at least 1 minute. Place a candy or meat thermometer cup.

  • Page 12

    Select the wash cycle and options desired• Or press START to use the same cycle and options as the previous cycle. NOTE= If the last cycle you compteted dishwasher will run the last full wash cycle and options that you selected when you press Start. •...

  • Page 13

    NOTE: If the last cycle you completed pauses for about 5 you press Start, the dishwasher runs the last full wash cycle and options. Hi Temp Wash Select this option to heat the water to 140°F (60°C) during parts of the cycle.

  • Page 14

    Lock On Use the Lock to prevent your dishwasher from accidentally being turned on. Use the Lock, also, to prevent accidental cycle or option changes during a cycle. LOCK ON When LOCK ON is lit, all buttons are disabled. NOTES: •...

  • Page 15

    WASHING SPECIAL ITEMS If you have doubts about washing a particular item, check with the manufacturer to see if it is dishwasher Material Dishwasher Safe?/Comments Aluminum High water temperature can affect finish of anodized Disposable Aluminum Do not wash throwaway aluminum pans in the dishwasher.

  • Page 16

    Some state or local plumbing codes require the addition of a drain air gap between a built-in dishwasher and the home drain system. If a drain is clogged, the drain air gap protects your dishwasher from water backing up into it.

  • Page 17: Cycle Selection Chart

    Is the home water pressure high enough for proper dishwasher filling? Home water pressure should be 20 to 120 psi (138 to 828 kPa) for proper dishwasher fill. A booster pump on the water supply can be added if pressure hot enough? The is too low.

  • Page 18

    Dishes do not dry completely Dishes are not dry Did you load your dishwasher to allow proper water drainage? Do not overload. Refer to the "Dishwasher Loading" section. Use a liquid rinse aid to speed drying.

  • Page 19

    For repair of major brand appliances in your own hon_... no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! 1-8004-MY-HOME sM To bring in products such as vacuums, lawn equipment and electronics for repair, call for the location of your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Center For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself, call Sears PartsDire(t_! To purchase or inquire about a Sears Service Agreement:...

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