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Menu Structure; Paper Menu - Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400 Basic Manual

Large-format printers.
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Menu Structure

Menu Structure
The menu structure is shown categorized by tab. The * on the right side of an item indicates the default value.
The printer menu is classified into regular menu items available when no print job is in progress and menu during
printing items only available while printing is in progress. see "Printer Menu Operations."
Regular menu

Paper Menu

Ink Menu
Job Menu
Set./Adj. Menu
*1: Only displayed in the menu during printing. Not displayed in the regular menu.
For instructions on menu operations, see "Menu Operations."
For details on menu items, see "Menu Settings."
Paper Menu
The Paper Menu is not displayed during printing.
First Level
Load Paper
Eject Paper
Chg. Paper Type ( *1 )
Chg. Paper Size
Paper Details
Paper Details
Basic Guide
Not displayed
The same Ink Menu as normal is displayed.
The same Job Menu as normal is displayed.
A limited Set./Adj. Menu containing the following items is displayed.
Adj. Fine Feed ( *1 )
Printer Info
→User's Guide
Second Level
Roll Paper ┋ Manual Paper
Roll Paper
(The paper type is displayed here.) ( *1 )
Manual Paper
Manual PaperSize
(The size of paper is displayed here.) ( *2 )
Roll Length ( *3 )
(Set the length)
Off *┋ On
(The paper type is dis-
Head Height
played here.) ( *1 )
Skew Check Lv.
Cutting Mode ( *5 )
Cut Speed
Trim Edge First
Scan Wait Time
Roll DryingTime
NearEnd RollMrgn
NearEnd Sht Mrgn
Manual Feed
Return Defaults
Menu during printing
Third Level
Fourth Level
(Set the length and width)
Automatic *┋ Highest ┋ High ┋ Standard ┋
Low ┋ Lowest ┋ Super Low
High Accuracy ┋ Standard *┋ Loose ┋ Off
Automatic ┋ Eject ┋ Manual
Fast ┋ Standard ┋ Slow
Automatic ┋ Off ┋ On (Preset Len) ┋ On(Input
Length) ┋ Manual
Off ┋ On
Automatic *┋ Strongest ┋ Strong ┋ Standard
┋ Weak ┋ Weakest
Dry time
Area ( *4 )
Off ┋ 30 sec. ┋ 1 min. ┋ 3 min. ┋ 5 min. ┋ 10
min. ┋ 30 min. ┋ 60 min.
3mm ┋ 20mm
3mm ┋ 20mm
Standard *┋ Little
Front ┋ Top
Menu Structure
→User's Guide
Fifth Level
Off *┋ 1 sec. ┋ 3
sec. ┋ 5 sec. ┋ 7
sec. ┋ 9 sec.
Entire area *┋ Lead-
ing edge


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