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  • Page 1 Service Guide...
  • Page 2 ALL PRICES LISTED ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. PART NUMBERS LISTED MAY BE CHANGED WITHOUT NOTICE TO REFLECT ENGINEERING REVISIONS. History Revision Date Section(s) Details September 2013 Release of the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Service Guide imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Service Guide September 2013 Page i...
  • Page 3 Pursuant to the authorized Service Agreement with Canon U.S.A. Inc. (Canon USA) this Service Guide is solely for reference purposes and may be used only by an authorized Service Provider of Canon USA. No part of this Service Guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the prior written consent of Canon USA.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Servicing Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Enhanced Service Mode Features ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 Print.Inf Log File ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 C. imagePROGRAF iPF6400S AC Power and Plug Requirements --------------------------------------------- 14 D. Installation Space Requirements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Estimated Installation Times -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Installation / Service Support Tools ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 G.
  • Page 5 Service Guide Canon USA Technical Support Center Call Escalation --------------------------------------------------- 34 Appendix ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 Specifications ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format Printer Limited Warranty -------------------------------------------- 38 C. Canon imagePROGRAF Printhead Limited Warranty ----------------------------------------------------------- 39 D. List of Tables ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40...
  • Page 6: Product Overview

    Product Overview The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400S 24-inch large format printer is an eight- color graphic arts printer incorporating the Canon LUCIA EX pigment ink set. The LUCIA EX Ink produces images with a wide color gamut, improved scratch resistance, enhanced black and white gradation, reduced graininess and ghosting.
  • Page 7: Design Features

    The optional Spectrophotometer Unit SU-21 includes an X-Rite color measuring unit and Calibration White Tile. The Spectrophotometer Unit must be mounted on an imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer in order to perform color calibration for third-party media. A profile of the media is created and stored on the printer’s hard drive for distribution to the...
  • Page 8 X-Rite Spectrophotometer Color Sensor and Calibration White Tile to Canon. CITS will arrange for the X-Rite Spectrophotometer Color Sensor and Calibration White Tile to be shipped to Canon. Within ten (10) weeks, the calibrated items will be returned to the sender.
  • Page 9: Color Calibration Management Console

    Color Calibration Management Console The enhanced Color Calibration Management Console (CCMC) is a Canon software utility for centralized color management of S-series printers in the Calibration Link. When CCMC is enabled, printers in the Calibration Link can be monitored and calibrated for optimal color accuracy.
  • Page 10: Calibration Link

    Service Guide Calibration Link Calibration Link is a color management system exclusive to Canon. This color management system delivers color stability across multiple printers. This Calibration Link strengthens support for third-party media and is available specifically for the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S/8400S/9400S series printers.
  • Page 11: Lucia Ex Ink Set

    Gigabit Ethernet The imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer support Gigabit Ethernet printing. Gigabit Ethernet provides for fast transfer of large amounts of data for high- speed, high-volume printing.
  • Page 12: Posterartist Lite Features

    Service Guide PosterArtist Lite Features Canon’s PosterArtist Lite helps users create professional looking posters, banners, and signage for immediate use. This application offers a variety of templates, hi-resolution royalty-free images, and clipart, designed to target a wide array of markets such as food service, education, office, retail and more.
  • Page 13: Configuration And Box Contents

    Maintenance Cartridge MC-16 1320B010BA Note: The Service Manual and Part Catalog for the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer are available in electronic format in the Download Center on the Canon e-Support website Item Numbers and Part Numbers are subject to change due to engineering changes, etc.
  • Page 14: Box Contents

    Service Guide Box Contents Note: Box contents shown are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Table 2 - imagePROGRAFiPF6400S Box Contents • iPF6400S Printer • Stand ST-28 • Stand Setup Guide • 3-inch Paper Core Attachment •...
  • Page 15: Dealer Sales/service Authorization

    Service Guide Dealer Sales/Service Authorization Authorization for imagePROGRAF iPF6400S To become authorized and maintain authorization to service an imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer, each dealer location must have at least technician that completed imagePROGRAF iPF6400/8400/9400 online training course. Authorization for Spectrophotometer Unit SU-21...
  • Page 16: Educational Training

    • Computer with Internet Access • It is highly recommended that the student has access to a working Course Equipment imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer to reinforce and enhance the online training. • Technicians work at their own pace • Accessible web-based training Course Highlights •...
  • Page 17 Learn ○ Configuring the Media Information with the Media Configuration Tool (MCT). • What is Canon Color Management Console (CCMC) Software? ○ To Configure Color Management Console (CCMC) Software ○ To measure Calibration data with the Spectrophotometer Unit SU-21. ○...
  • Page 18: Servicing Notes

    To check the Flat Flex Ribbon Cable function Print.Inf Log File The Print.Inf file records printer performance and adjustment history data. Refer to the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Service Manual for details. The log file provides the following: • Dates when WARNINGS and ERRORS occurred •...
  • Page 19: Imageprograf Ipf6400s Ac Power And Plug Requirements

    Service Guide imagePROGRAF iPF6400S AC Power and Plug Requirements Canon USA strongly suggests dedicated and properly grounded outlets be provided for the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S devices. Before installation, confirm that a NEMA 5-15R outlet is available to power the imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer.
  • Page 20: Estimated Installation Times

    Estimated installation times shown are the length of time needed to unpack and install the main unit. The estimated unpacking and installation times are based on two experienced technicians. Canon USA recommends that service personnel perform the installation, with four (4) or more persons to unpack and move the printer, and two (2) or more persons to install it.
  • Page 21: Installation / Service Support Tools

    Installation / Service Support Tools The tools required to mutually support these printers are in the Table below. Table 7 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Installation Tools Tool Hexagonal wrench (Provided with the printer For assembling stand and removing the fixed...
  • Page 22: Consumables (main Unit)

    Consumables are materials consumed with regular use and cannot be reused. Consumables should be replaced by the end-user or service technician. Consumables include but are not limited to paper, chemicals, and ink. Table 9 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Common Consumables List Description Part Number Remarks...
  • Page 23: Field Replacement Parts

    Note: All replacement parts shown in the tables below are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Table 10 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Field Replacement Parts List Estimated Life Part Name...
  • Page 24: Recommended Spare Parts

    Service Guide Recommended Spare Parts Canon USA recommends that the Dealer or Authorized Service Provider keep the following spare parts in stock for replacement purposes in the event of a hardware failure. Note: All recommended spare parts shown in the table below are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 25: Maintenance Kit

    Service Guide Maintenance Kit Canon USA has prepared an imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Maintenance Kit to enhance the durability of the printer, while reducing operating costs. Reduced printer downtime can be achieved when the Maintenance Kit is utilized. The printer’s built-in counters and warning messages inform end- users when the maintenance kit is required.
  • Page 26: Authorized Servicer Offerings

    Authorized Servicer Offerings The Authorized Servicer program enables Canon distribution product resellers to become authorized to service the Canon products they resell. Please refer to the Authorized Servicer Program Guide (found in the Download Center of the eSupport Center web site for details to help an Authorized Servicer become familiar with Canon USA Inc.’s business processes and the resources that are...
  • Page 27 To close out the service call, Section 2 of the Service Dispatch Form must be completed and e- mailed to Canon USA will not provide labor compensation for any service not dispatched by CITS.
  • Page 28 If a service dispatch is required, CITS will dispatch the Authorized Servicer (provided the machine was registered in the ASCR system). To register a machine, go to the warranty section of the Canon USA’s e-Support Center web site at and select the Authorized Servicer Customer Registration Form.
  • Page 29: E-tag Warranty Claim Console

    To close out the service call, please complete Section 2 of the CITS Service Dispatch form and e- mail it to Canon USA will not provide labor compensation for any service not dispatched by CITS. e-Tag claim forms will not be accepted as requests for warranty labor compensation and will only be accepted for warranty part claims.
  • Page 30 Service Guide To submit a new warranty claim, select the type of claim from the dropdown list shown below and complete the required sections of the e- Tag limited warranty claim. Figure 8 - eSupport: e-Tag Warranty Claim Console...
  • Page 31: Online Limited Warranty Credit Inquiry

    To view your Online warranty credits, log onto the ISG Central web site at Go to the Canon Network Access (CNA) site to view e-Tag warranty credit information. After authorization, parts and labor credits are posted the following business day.
  • Page 32 Service Guide On the CNA web site, select Warranty Credit Inquiry; then select e-Tag Warranty Claims Reimbursement to perform an e-Tag Warranty claims search as shown in the following screen shots. Figure 10 - CNA Warranty Credit Inquiry...
  • Page 33: Suggested End-user Customer Service Offerings

    X-Rite Spectrophotometer Color Sensor and Calibration White Tile to Canon for repair or replacement. Upon receipt, Canon will ship a replacement X-Rite Spectrophotometer Color Sensor and Calibration White Tile to the end user or authorized service provider.
  • Page 34: Post Warranty Support

    Dispatch by CITS or the Warranty Marketing Program). CarePAK Extended Service Plan Canon CarePAK Extended Service Plans are available for the customer to extend the printer warranty period beyond the one (1) year limited warranty. Extended Service Plans are available to the customer, if the Dealer or Reseller is unable to, or chooses not to provide post-warranty service.
  • Page 35: Imageprograf Web Support (end-user)

    Service Guide imagePROGRAF Web Support (End-User) Canon USA has a Marketing and Consumer Support Web site available through the Canon USA Home Page Go to, to access the imagePROGRAF web site. This web site contains a full span of solutions that are standard with Canon’s large format printers.
  • Page 36: Product Technical Support Offerings

    • Track and Modify logged Cases • Review all open Cases. In order to access e-Support, you must first register for a Support ID. To register for a Support ID, go Online to the Canon USA Systems and Technical Support Division’s...
  • Page 37: Canon Usa Isg Central Web Site

    Figure 12 - Canon USA e-Support Login Canon USA ISG Central Web site Complete versions of the Service Guides are available on the Canon USA ISG Central web site ( Access is limited to the Authorized Dealer’s Management staff; please contact your Dealer Administrator to request access to the System and Technical Support Section of ISG Central.
  • Page 38: Imageprograf Ipf6400s Service Guide September

    Service Guide When the user is logged onto ISG Central, they must select the Systems & Technical Support button to access the Service Guides area of the web site as shown below. Figure 14 - ISG Central Services...
  • Page 39: Canon Usa Technical Support Center Call Escalation

    Service Guide Canon USA Technical Support Center Call Escalation Canon USA provides a time sensitive call escalation process for all imagePROGRAF iPF6400S printer Authorized Servicers. CITS is the single point of entry for this process. Once a call is placed, the details are logged in the call management system and a case number is assigned to the call.
  • Page 40: Appendix

    Service Guide Appendix Note: All Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications Table 14 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Specifications Item Specifications Type Bubble jet printer Media feed system Roll paper/ Cut sheet (Manual switching) One (1) roll Outer diameter: Approximately 150mm or less...
  • Page 41 Service Guide Table 15 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Specifications Continued Item Specification Hard Disk 2.5-inch, 250GB, 5400rpm, S-ATA I/F Hi-Speed USB : Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), bulk transfer Standard Interface Gigabit Ethernet : 10BaseT/ 100BaseTX /Full Duplex...
  • Page 42 Service Guide Table 16 – Printhead PF-05 Specifications Printhead PF-05 Model PF-05 Type Bubble-jet on demand Head configuration 6 colors integrated type (6 chips per print head x 2 print heads) Nozzle pitch 1,200 dpi x 2 MBK/BK/M/Y: 2,560 nozzles for each color...
  • Page 43: Canon Imageprograf Large Format Printer Limited Warranty

    Canon will send you a replacement part for any defective user replaceable item. You will be charged at the then-current service call rates of Canon or the Service Provider if the defects in the Product are not covered by this limited warranty, or if the applicable warranty period for the Product has expired or warranty coverage has not been sufficiently established by appropriate documentation.
  • Page 44: Canon Imageprograf Printhead Limited Warranty

    Canon who are acting in accordance with Canon's service bulletins, or (d) use of supplies or parts (other than those distributed by Canon) which damage the Printhead or cause abnormally frequent service calls or service problems. Nor does this warranty extend to any Printhead on which the original identification marks or serial numbers have been defaced, removed, or altered.
  • Page 45: List Of Tables

    Table 8 - Special Tools, Solvents, & Oils List ................16 Table 9 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Common Consumables List ........17 Table 10 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Field Replacement Parts List ........18 Table 11 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Recommended Spare Parts List......19 Table 12 - imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Maintenance Kit Parts List ........

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