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Preparation - Fujitsu Inverter 9316796003-01 Operating Manual

Heat & cool model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner floor type
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Load Batteries (R03/LR03 × × × × × 2)
Press and slide the battery compartment lid on the re-
verse side to open it.
Slide in the direction of the arrow while pressing the
Insert batteries.
Be sure to align the battery polarities (
Close the battery compartment lid.
Set the Current time
Press the CLOCK ADJUST button (Fig. 5 W).
Use the tip of a ball-point pen or other small object to press the button.
Use the TIMER SET (
adjust the clock to the current time.
button: Press to advance the time.
button: Press to reverse the time.
(Each time the buttons are pressed, the time will be advanced/reversed in
one-minute increments; hold the buttons depressed to change the time
quickly in ten-minute increments.)
Press the CLOCK ADJUST button (Fig. 5 W) again.
This completes the time setting and starts the clock.
To Use the Remote Control Unit
● The Remote Control Unit must be pointed at signal receiver (Fig. 1 5) to operate
● Operating Range: About 7 meters.
● When a signal is properly received by the air conditioner, a beeping sound will be
● If no beep is heard, press the Remote Control Unit button again.
Remote Control Unit Holder
Press in
1 Mount the Holder. 2 Set the Remote Control
) correctly.
) buttons (Fig. 5 O) to
Slide up
Pull out
3 To remove the Remote
Control Unit (when use at
● Take care to prevent infants from
accidentally swallowing batteries.
● When not using the Remote Control Unit
for an extended period, remove the
batteries to avoid possible leakage and
damage to the unit.
● If leaking battery fluid comes in contact
with your skin, eyes, or mouth, immedi-
ately wash with copious amounts of
water, and consult your physician.
● Dead batteries should be removed
immediately and disposed of properly,
either in a battery collection receptacle
or to the appropriate authority.
● Do not attempt to recharge dry batteries.
Never mix new and used batteries, or
batteries of different types.
Batteries should last about one year
under normal use. If the Remote Con-
trol Unit's operating range becomes ap-
preciably reduced, replace the batteries
and press the RESET button with the tip
of a ballpoint pen or other small object.



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