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Wheel Weight - Craftsman 486.248471 Operator's Manual

Front scoop tractor attachment
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Anypower e quipment cancause injury ifoperated i mproperly oriftheuserdoesnotunderstand how tooperate t heequipment,
Exercise caution ata!ltimeswhenusingpower e quipment,
® Read thisoperator's m anua! before attempting t o
assemble o r operate thescoop attachment,
® Read thevehicle owner's manua! andknowhow
tooperate yourvehicle before using thescoop
o Never c arrypassengers in thescoop bucket, It has
notbeen designed tocarrypassengers,
o Never a llowchildren tooperate thevehicle orthe
scoop attachment,
o Donotallowadultstooperate thevehicle orscoop
attachment without p roper i nstructions,
® Always beginwiththetransmission infirst(low) a nd
gradually i ncrease speed as conditions p ermit,
® Drivethetractor a t reduced speed overrough terrain
andhillsides or nearcreeks andditches toprevent
tipping overandlossofcontrol, D onotdrivetooclose
toa creekor ditch,
® Neverramthescoop intomaterial at highspeed,
® Vehicle braking andstability maybeaffected with
theattachment ofthisscoop, D onotfillthescoop
tomaximum weight c apacity w ithout c hecking the
capability o fthevehicle tosafelydriveandstopwith
thescoop attached,
o Before operating v ehicle onanygrade (hill)refer
tothesafety rulesinthevehicle owner's manual
concerning s afeoperation onslopes, R efer a lsoto the
slopeguideonpage23ofthismanual, Stayoff steep
® Follow maintenance andlubrication i nstructions a s
outlined inthismanual,
Look forthissymbol topoint o utimportant safety precautions, Itmeans--Attention?! Become
alert!!Yoursafetyis involved.
These accessories wereavailable whentheunitwaspurchased, Theyarealsoavailable atmostSearsretail o utlets and
service centers, MostSears storescanorderrepair partsforyouwhenyouprovide themodel n umbers o fyourtractor a nd



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