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Operation - Craftsman 172.11810 Operator's Manual

3/8-in. variable speed / reversible cordless drill/ driver
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(Fig. 12)
I Lock the trigger swlich Off by placing the
Folward I Reverse Setec{or Switch wilh
Power Lock<}lf
In lhe Center posllton.
2 Relate the chuck sleeve counterclockwise
to open the chuck jaws,The chuck has an
icon of a pointing hand next to the word
RELEASE, showing the direction to release,
or loosen, the chuck Jaws around the btl.
3 Remove the accessory bit
Fig,, 12.
{Release BtI)
NOTE:Rotatethe chuck body In the direction of thehand pofnt|ngnext to wordRELEASE
to loosenthe chuck jaws,DO NOTuse a wrenchto tightenor loosen chuckjews,
Turn and set the torque clutch collar to the drilling position symbol_f_l,
Instalf and tighten the
desired drill bil into the chuck,
1. InslaI1 lhe battery pack into the drill/driver.
2, Push the forwardlreverse
selector swiIch with power lock,.off to the forward posilien,,
3 For dritiing in WOOD. use twisI drill bile. spade bits and auger bils.,
4.. For ddtling in METAL, use high speed twist drill bits., Use a coifing tubflcant when drilling
in melals, The exceptions are cast Iron and brass, which should be drilled dry,
5. For ddl]ing In MASONRY, use carbtde lipped bils or masonry bits.A smooth, even flow of
dust Indicates the proper dritiing speed,
6.Always apply pressure tna slraight line with
thebILIf necessary,use thebubble levels
to dflII straight into the workpiece. Use enough
pressure to keep the bit biting, but do not
push hard enough to sta!t the motor or
deflect the bit,
7,,Hold drili/ddver
flrrnly to control the twisting
action of the drill/driver,
B,,Move the ddtl bit into the workpiece, applying
only enough pressure
to keep the bit cutting°
Do not force the ddllor
apply side pressure
to elongale a hole, Lel the tool do the work.
9,When ddIting hard, smooth sudaees
use a
center punch to mark the desired hole
ioeallon. This will preveP,t the drill btl from
si}pp_ng off-center as the hole ts started.



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